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  • You need to find a viable game plan now the Chedwyn's got sent down. I'm not sure about Cresswell's fitness - a mate knows him and she says his shoulder is f*cked. He hates Beattie as well so that doesn't help your cause. Maybe the best option is to pack out your midfield and give them license to pile forward rather than try and rely on a striker to replace CE, which isn't really viable as he's streets ahead of the others you have.

    This is where Wilson will earn his dough though.

    Anyway, good luck to you.
    I think we have a snowball's chance in hell to be honest mate, but a sincere "well done" to your half of the city...Wednesday played the more consistent football all season and got the right results where it counted...looking back over our season we'll miss out on promotion for the same reason we went down in the first place...taking draws when we should have won, and not playing 90 minutes of football every single game. Schoolboy errors...
    True. Both of us are so much better than the rest of the teams that are vying for the play-offs, though. I'd like to think that whichever of us ends up in them will be able to win through, even considering nerves etc. At the moment we're both on fire and its the form team that gets through the play-offs, whatever position they finish the league in. For once, it will also be 3rd place that goes up. At least that's my hope. If its us, then I'm fine with that as I'd quite like a trip to Wembley!!
    Owls or Blades... Who's going to blink first? Exciting stuff - may need a heart transplant before the end of the season as my current one might not make it!!!
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