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    Does Bunnies & Burrows really have Bun fu?

    TV Tropes claims that Bunnies & Burrows has an in-game combat style called 'Bun Fu'. However, my copy doesn't have it. Is it only in some editions? My version looks like it's from 1982 at the earliest, because in the front it says that some of the illustrations are copyright 1982.
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    What RPG has the most historically accurate rules for ships...

    ...for the Golden Age of Piracy?
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    Playtesting tips.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Playtesting tips.

    I'm about to start looking for playtesters for a game. The game isn't an RPG, but more like a gamebook (a la Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf). This will be blind playtesting: I won't be there to explain things. Does anyone have experience with playtesting, and can tell me what to look out for...
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    D&D(?) gamebook

    Would you say that 5th edition combat works without a battle mat and miniatures?
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    D&D(?) gamebook

    Thanks everyone!
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    D&D(?) gamebook

    Hi, For the last several months I've been writing a large, choose-your-own-adventure style story. Unlike other things I've written, this would be sold as a physical book and would probably cost at least $20. However I'm considering making some changes. So I wanted to ask people's opinion...
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    [RPG]: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, reviewed by Endzeitgeist (5/5)

    Re: [RPG]: Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, reviewed by Endzeitgeist (5/5) "Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll realize at this point that saves." This sounds like it's missing the end of the sentence.
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    Looking for 'The Royal Ngombe River Company'

    Does anyone have a copy of the partly-D&D-based fan-made game 'The Royal Ngombe River Company' that they could send me? It was posted online by user gloriousbattle a few years ago.
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    What games are the 'best' at being 'good at one thing'?

    What game is the best at dungeon crawls?
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    Can anyone tell where this quote I vaguely remember comes from?

    I'm trying to find a review. I think it was from rpg.net, and I thought the game was World of Synnibar or SenZar, although I couldn't find it in the reviews of those games. The reviewer described the game as (something along the lines of) like the system you make up when you're twelve, where...
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    Looking for creators of fantasy and science fiction material.

    Hi, I recently wrote an ebook which is intended to help in creating settings, characters and plots for fantasy and science fiction (whether fiction or games). If you are such a writer, I will send you a free copy in return for an honest review. The review could go on this forum, your own blog...
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    Small Press Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers

    I've just put out an ebook. It's a series of articles on topics with the potential to inspire fantasy or science fiction ideas. Here's the blurb: If you want to spark new ideas for worlds, plots or characters, you want Ideas and Inspiration for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writers. Medicinal...
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    It's a sentient being's life in the Federation Navy! [Star Explorer]

    I'm trying to start a play-by-blog-post game of Star Explorer on my blog. You don’t have to own the rules. Star Explorer is a board game set in a non-licensed version of the Star Trek original series setting. Each player is the captain of an Enterprise-like spaceship. If you're interested...
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