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    Suggest me a Horror RPG

    Dead of Night A Rules Light Horror RPG for Slasher,Monster and B-Movie Horror. But can be used for Lovecraftian Horror with little to no issues IMHO & has a write up for a color out of space inspired monster if I remember correctly.
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    This has me very excited. The vaporware aspect regarding supplements always stopped me from picking up Technoir. And Justin Alexander...wow...just wow
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    SLA Industries Announcement

    Agreed. A non canon disclaimer inserted into the PDF would be perferable rather then outright removal,least in my honest opinion.
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    SLA Industries Announcement

    Gonna have to agree with PeterAmthor Ever since the cubicle 7 era their hasn't been much in the regards to the SLA RPG brand besides Data Packets,Hunter Sheets 2 (that took years to come out in print ) and the Corebook Reprint. I wouldn't mind the removal of Books from Drivethru RPG if I could...
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    SLA Industries Announcement

    Seeing that the GM Screen is canon I'd love to see that available in PDF (however unlikely) It is the only SLA Item I dont own in Print and I do consider it the SLA Holy Grail.
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    SLA Industries Announcement

    I believe the Truth has been non canon for years now. From the point since it was released to the public.
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    SLA Industries Announcement

    Removing the now non canon Books from Drivethru is a really strange descision. Espcially for a Game that has not seen a significant release in years. Contract Directory is my favourite SLA Book next to the core.
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    Modiphius is taking over V5 after White Wolf seemingly shuts down. [Merged]

    So basically White Wolf is going to be restructured by Paradox/become part of Paradox again. And with that White Wolf as a "standalone" entity is once again no more. Probably for the best. And am certainly looking forward to the Modiphius direction. Just a little saddened not so see any...
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    Modiphius is taking over V5 after White Wolf seemingly shuts down. [Merged]

    https://www.modiphius.com/modiphius-press-releases/modiphius-embraces-world-of-darkness-announces-the-fall-of-london-v5-chronicle This is certainly not of surprise after the year White Wolf has had.
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    SLA Industries Unreleased/Unofficial Sourcebooks?

    My Hopes for actually seeing anything new from Nightfall are pretty slim. I'll be glad if I ever get the Canibal Sector rulebook I pledged for. And I very much have given up on ever seeing a fabled 2ed of SLA Core
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    Kamigakari RPG kickstarter - Do I need this?

    Backing from Germany makes backing for a physical copy unfesable. And now that stretch goal pdfs are no longer part of digital or physical pledges I'm not sure if backing early actully gives me an advantage over just buying on release... Seeing how I'm not sure if I'll be saving all that much...
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    Ver Blue Amusement - Double Cross

    Please keep us updated if anything comes from this.
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    Ver Blue Amusement - Double Cross

    I really hope Ver Blue Amusment will continue work on Double Cross... But it has been more then 3 years already. So it looks doubtful in my eyes.
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    Greg Stafford (1948 - 2018)

    R.I.P Mr Stafford.
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    Best unofficial games... or best 'X with the numbers filed off'

    KULT is as close as it gets for a Silent Hill RPG. that or the NWOD fan supplement from years past.
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