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  • Hi Akrasia,

    I've been reading the BRP/MRQ thread here on RPGnet and thought I'd drop you a line for two reasons.

    First, I've had a lot to do with both BRP and MRQ over the decades. I wrote material for Elric!, playtested BRP, and am now a writer for Mongoose in charge of developing the RQ line.

    But secondly, I also live in Ontario - moved here 6 months ago from the UK. I live not far from Trenton, down the 401 towards Kingston (you stop when you see the C17s taking off). Now, I'm always interested in making new friends, particularly gaming friends. I realise that I may be somewhat distant from you, as you're Toronto/Milwaukee based according to your profile, but I do get into Toronto with some regularity; so there might a chance for some meeting-up and gaming.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your foray into BRP, and hope to hear from you.

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