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    Beating a dead horse: Confederates in Steampunk RPGs

    This native North Carolinian would be FAR MORE interested in playing an alternate US setting where slavery ended far earlier, possibly with the US Constitution, than yet another setting that gives any imagined life to the abhorrent CSA and slavery.
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    What are your plans for Pathfinder 2?

    I'm definitely interested, but I recently began a 5e solo campaign for a complete TTRPG novice. I will not be switching over to PF2 for the time being. But interested.
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    Pathfinder second edition..i have it !

    How is Dex to damage in any way a "fairly basic concept" of play for characters?
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    Band of Blades reskinned for Dragonlance

    New Tagline: "It is a world of elves, dwarves, and dragons..."
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    Index Card Rpg

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    Tekumel in the Bundle of Holding

    I would definitely be interested in seeing Fate for Tekumel.
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    What games deal with religion well?

    Glorantha: It's a setting centered around many of the suppositions of Bronze-age worldviews, capturing the idea that humans are participants in the mythic drama of the gods and cosmos through the community, human ethno-national conflict, and the cultus. Tekumel: Similar to Glorantha. It...
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    Looking for a Fantasy System with flexible Magic

    Perhaps something akin to Blue Rose for Fantasy AGE?
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    sell me on Numenera Discovery & Destiny

    How familiar are you with the previous publication of Numenera? Do you own any of those books?
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    The Black Hack 2nd Ed

    You could make adjustments. For example, maybe the HD 4 monster defends as if they were a HD 5 monster but attacks as if they were a HD 3 monster. You could also give your foes armor much like PCs have. So instead of worrying about the monster dodging, you can have the monster choose to negate...
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    [Heroes of Terra for Savage Worlds] Kickstarter Live (Funded, Now For Setting Discussion)

    Sounds interesting. I have several friends who are pretty big fans of the Nintendo games that inspire this setting, so I will likely let them know about it.
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    Blades in the Dark variants?

    My schedule is busy at the moment, but I have mused about using the Blades in the Dark system for a more sandbox fantasy game set in the wilds. But intead of being built around a crew of thieves, you are a band of adventurers built around your village. You want to keep its inhabitants alive. You...
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    What Games Should Ditch Their House Systems

    I had mentioned Blue Rose much earlier saying that I had wanted it divorced from Fantasy AGE and True20 (R.I.P. :cry:). However, I had not proposed a possible system as a replacement. Yeah, PbtA would work. I would probably look at the archetype bundles that the original Blue Rose book...
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    🎨 Creative Why do wizards dwell in towers?

    There is no actual reason. Nearly every explanation you hear is dressing up a post hoc justification.
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    What Games Should Ditch Their House Systems

    I did see a version of Beyond the Wall that replaced the D&D B/X system with the Black Hack (1e not 2e). That was a pleasant surprise.
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