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    sell me on Numenera Discovery & Destiny

    How familiar are you with the previous publication of Numenera? Do you own any of those books?
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    The Black Hack 2nd Ed

    You could make adjustments. For example, maybe the HD 4 monster defends as if they were a HD 5 monster but attacks as if they were a HD 3 monster. You could also give your foes armor much like PCs have. So instead of worrying about the monster dodging, you can have the monster choose to negate...
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    [Heroes of Terra for Savage Worlds] Kickstarter Live (Funded, Now For Setting Discussion)

    Sounds interesting. I have several friends who are pretty big fans of the Nintendo games that inspire this setting, so I will likely let them know about it.
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    Blades in the Dark variants?

    My schedule is busy at the moment, but I have mused about using the Blades in the Dark system for a more sandbox fantasy game set in the wilds. But intead of being built around a crew of thieves, you are a band of adventurers built around your village. You want to keep its inhabitants alive. You...
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    What Games Should Ditch Their House Systems

    I had mentioned Blue Rose much earlier saying that I had wanted it divorced from Fantasy AGE and True20 (R.I.P. :cry:). However, I had not proposed a possible system as a replacement. Yeah, PbtA would work. I would probably look at the archetype bundles that the original Blue Rose book...
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    🎨 Creative Why do wizards dwell in towers?

    There is no actual reason. Nearly every explanation you hear is dressing up a post hoc justification.
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    What Games Should Ditch Their House Systems

    I did see a version of Beyond the Wall that replaced the D&D B/X system with the Black Hack (1e not 2e). That was a pleasant surprise.
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    Am I wrong about PbtA?

    (1) Avoid naming the moves too much. (2) The question "What do you do?" is meant to shift the focus back on the character's sense of the fiction.
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    Fate Core - Poorly Articulated Questions

    Up to Four Players also presented the rules in comic form.
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    Am I wrong about PbtA?

    I also recall that it was partially written in reaction to what Vincent felt was a growing tendency in D&D for players to declare skills to roll rather than fiction their characters were attempting. And I think that this is behind AW's rules about how moves are triggered and propelled by the...
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    Fate Core - Poorly Articulated Questions

    Most of the materials in Fate Core are entirely optional (e.g., extras, fractals, etc.). Another huge chunk are just examples of play, sample stunts, etc. You can read the basic rules in Fate Accelerated (free), and it is only 50 pages total. Even then it is a lot of examples.
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    Define "Hearth Fantasy" for me

    I was primarily interested in publications that have been released since this thread, though prior RPG publications that were not previously included would certainly be warranted as well. As I had mentioned before, Stonetop (which is a Dungeon World hack in playtesting) appears to be one of the...
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    Uprising RPG (FATE)

    The setting seems a little to specific for my tastes. But what innovations (or recombinations) to the Fate system does Uprising do well? I vaguely recall that Uprising has playbooks (i.e., Mantles), but so did Dresden Files Accelerated, so how does Uprising handle them differently?
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    Define "Hearth Fantasy" for me

    But has anything new within this subgenre of fantasy emerged within the TTRPG market?
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    What Games Should Ditch Their House Systems

    I mostly agree, though I also quibble with how Chronicles of Future Earth adds a bit more complication to Fate than seems necessary, including an even more obscure set of dice. But Mindjammer Press likes to make the medium-lite rules of Fate into much crunch-heavier games. And you can definitely...
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