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    Doing a UC Berkeley survey on games, and could use your help

    Well, the general timeframe is what I was hoping for. Most people I've talked to have a sense of roughly when they heard about a game, within a few years. Your best guess would be fine. Thanks! I appreciate it. :)
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    Doing a UC Berkeley survey on games, and could use your help

    Hi again, Sorry about the required answers. The assignment guidelines recommended those settings, but I was unsure. I might change those, if I did something like this again. The email is just for login, and won't be stored. But if it bothers you, again, my apologies. The survey's on track to...
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    Doing a UC Berkeley survey on games, and could use your help

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a small research project at UC Berkeley, and could use your help filling out a quick survey. It's about games. C'mon, you know you want to... https://goo.gl/forms/gN3WOOftgv0gvt6i2 Pass it on to anyone you think would be interested. It takes between 5-10 minutes to...
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    Review query

    We have regularly posted reviews on RPGnet that have appeared elsewhere, but naturally it would benefit the site more to have original, if not exclusive, content. If a reviewer sends a high quality review, I'll probably post it, but if it's nothing but a teaser for another website (as in, "click...
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    Reviews MIA?

    Sickness, jury duty, a very busy patch at work, and classes have all conspired to waylay me over the past several days - and being a particularly naughty monkey, I failed to reach out for assistance in timely manner. So, yeah, that was me. Sorry. I've gone through the review queue, and either...
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    Kafka's review of a Thousand Suns 2e

    We'll get the review taken down shortly. Changing one out of every five words does not make an original review. If the first review had been referred to in some way, maybe this would be okay - depending on how the author felt about it.
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    Review submitted, but never published

    You would only receive a rejection email from the system if someone (most likely me) looked at the review, and rejected it. I wouldn't have rejected this review, and don't remember reading it until Brannon resent it in an email. My guess is that it never got through the first time. I'll...
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    Review submitted, but never published

    No, today has been jury duty. Sorry for the delays - it has been a busy season, and I'm still playing catch-up. Hi Brannon, I show no record of Review #15046 - Untold: The Game, except in your email. I found a rejected review of Untold (#15004) that was inadequate for RPGnet's publishing...
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    Missing Review

    Hi Mark, Your review's been sitting because I had a question for you about it - which has been sitting in my drafts, instead of getting to your inbox. Sorry about that. I'll resend, and we can get this cleared up.
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    Review guidelines?

    Hi folks, I've revisited the review in question, and just barely remember thinking "This isn't worth posting" when I first skimmed it. Wow. Yeah, that's pretty bad. When I skimmed this before, I must've been pretty tired to miss those typos and vague generalizations. Oh, and he's insulted all...
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    Review links broken?

    I notified Shannon of a "misfire" on the review posting software, early Friday. The reviews were there, then they weren't. It looks like Shannon got the links to appear (they wouldn't at first), but they still need repairs. I've emailed him again, and once he's back at his machine, I'm sure...
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    Hellboy 2 -- some thoughts.

    Classic. No one but Bender could've pulled it off. :) {ogrecave.com hat}I just posted my Hellboy 2 review earlier today: http://ogrecave.com/reviews/hellboy_II.shtml Not entirely spoiler free, though I tried to keep them to a minimum. Skip over the mid-sections to the conclusion, if ya like...
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    Fantasy Review Week at RPGnet - June 16th -20th.

    Re: hooked I may have been the main holdup on that. I'm done now - sorry for the delay. We should have winners posted soon. No problem, man. :)
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    Fantasy Review Week at RPGnet - June 16th -20th.

    Re: thank you Excellent. Another reviewer hooked. ;) Thanks for all the great submissions, folks. And big thanks to Chris for keeping things organized. We'll do it again soon!
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    Fantasy Review Week at RPGnet - June 16th -20th.

    Hi guys, If anyone's got problems with their submission(s), post here or email me. I'll be finalizing Monday and Tuesday's review batches (yes, I may have *daily* review batches again) on Saturday, and filling in the rest of the week on Monday. So, the final deadline for Fantasy Week reviews is...
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