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  • You need to be unaccountably peckish, it's a choice in a dream (Is Someone There? or Death By Water, I think). You lose like, a point of watchful and get a point or two of nightmares, so try to keep it low.
    Ooh, in Belgium? Did you get their names? Cause a friend of mine was working herself home from Asia and I think she and her boyfriend stayed a while in some hostels around there somewhere, so maybe it was them! (Odds are small, though :p)

    Good luck with housing, btw. Is the situation as bad down there as it is here, where you'll need connections, a load of cash, and barrels of luck to find somewhere to live?
    "Ghost." The whole thing means "ghost cat", probably, more or less. I had a discussion about it a few months back here.

    "Plasma" is a very popular misspelling. :) I agree that it makes a pretty great image that way.
    Excellent! A bit of background: Konrad was a member of the Orphans, a gang of Altdorf youths. A week ago, a small-time thief and Crimson Shade addict called Heinrich Kramer came to them looking for protection. He'd betrayed his employers, a strange cult centred around something called the Nachthaus. Heinrich was planning to sell his information for Shade and gold to a local gambler, Gottfried, who'd lost his girl to the Nachthaus, and his friends, and he needed somewhere to hide until he could meet with them. He promised they'd pay the Orphans.

    The Orphans decided to hole up just outside Altdorf, in the ruined mansion that once belonged to a merchant named Schneider (who was killed, along with his entire family, in horrific circumstances by a swordsman named Johannes de Silentio forty years ago). Just today, Konrad's world fell apart when the Nachthaus launched its raid against the Schneider mansion, showing up just as Gottfried's friends did.

    For more, read up on the Schneider mansion adventure, starting here: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?t=307597&page=99 This also introduces Konrad (the boy on the stairs inside the house) and the Orphan's attackers. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll PM Konrad's sheet and background to you tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the game!
    Hello -I was just wondering if you'd be interested in an NPC role for the next part of Easy Money. The part I have lined up for you, if you're interested, is Konrad -a one-handed and shellshocked juvenile delinquent who's just recently survived the massacre of most of his gang by a Slaaneshite cult. Glamorous! If you're interested, I'll give you more background info and Konrad's character sheet.
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