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    Looking for an RPG that doesn't use a battle map, but isn't Theater of the Mind, either

    13th Age uses a system that cares about how close people are to each-other, rather than where they are in absolute space. When I played in a (short lived) game a few years back, the GM was able to represent the battlefield pretty easily with a bunch of bottle-caps. How does Diaspora's space...
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    [ISTKOTRO] Good System for a Forbidden Siren Game?

    For anyone who is unfamiliar with Forbidden Siren, it's a (short) series of Japanese horror games. The most appropriate system I can think of would be some kind of zombie survival game with troupe gameplay - but I'm unfamiliar enough with that kind of game that I want to pick the brains of the...
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    🎨 Creative Developing fictional magic systems during play

    There is Grell Alchemy by Nick Wedig - the game is built around learning "alchemy" to solve problems. It's pretty clever, but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for.
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    Sand Dogs life path testing

    6967 Detective: Endure d8, Locate d8 Stalker: Locate d10 Detective: Locate d12 Academic: Fabricate d8, Know d8, a Bond? ------ I kinda like the idea, but I have some misgivings. 1) What would have happened if I had denied LOCATE when I entered Stalker? Would it just mean that I'd specialize...
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    A Conundrum About Stat-Rolling

    I'd say that they should share the "good" dice. That way everyone's on the level, and everyone gets the luxury of higher stats.
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    Favorite Urban Horror Locations

    In the building where I had my training, our offices were on the 29th and 31st floors. We were the highest-up business there. The building has 37 floors. Heck, there's elevator (for the people too lazy to use the stairs) that goes from the 29th floor to the 37th floor. So a few of us decided...
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    Any systems that focus on highly realistic, one-on-one dueling?

    Would you happen to have a link to somewhere that people could pick it up? It's kinda hard to google.
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    🎨 Creative Creating Dune-esque Ancient Schools

    On the subject of Amrit production... you know, we have a chemistry-based Enemy of Man just kinda sitting there. So why not make this messy? --- The ancestors of the Lotus Eaters of Bamalip were the first humans to discover the processes necessary to produce Amrit. For them, it was a curiosity...
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    Please do not make your RPG book covers just people posing

    "Yes Jim, telling me that we were going out clubbing tonight was hilarious. I hate you forever." In related news, I kinda want to see a parody cover for something like Exalted where you have a woman in a cheesecake outfit... with a sword or whatever splintering on her bare abs.
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    It's my birthday: Give me creative magic systems!

    Mirror magic is a good one - there's quite a lot of mythical resonance there. My personal take: A mirror mage is anyone who can fiddle with reflections and shadows - normally, you can only mess with the actions that those images are taking, which doesn't really do much - sure, you can...
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    Sources on werewolves? Werewolf powers?

    If you look a bit further afield... werewolves can totally turn into vampires when they die. You know, for when you want to mix your wolfmen with your Draculas.
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    What direction would you take the World of Darkness?

    I'd shoot the whole thing through the head. A nice clean kill, and then peace.
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    Skill tree system

    My guess for Suunnistaminen is Orienteering.
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    🎨 Creative The "chosen one" as a geezer

    I mean, if you do want your standard fight-y Chosen One, being in your 70s doesn't mean that you're decrepit by any stretch of the imagination. Jeanne Calment was fencing in her hundreds.
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    🎨 Creative Creating Dune-esque Ancient Schools

    Consider this a wayfinding bump. I get that. I was thinking that the grand Geigeresque nonsense was restricted almost entirely to the Machine Gods making a direct appearance "in state". The rest of the time it's all Metropolis in my head. Or, to pull from a completely different old movie...
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