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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    I went to WorldCon the year it was up for a Hugo so I read it then (I read everything on the ballot in order to be fair to all the authors). Quite remarkable.
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    Books We Are Reading 2019 [merged]

    Just to note that T. Kingfisher is a pen-name of the inimitable Ursula Vernon.
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    2019 Hugo Awards

    John Scalzi, as usual, put it very well. https://whatever.scalzi.com/2019/08/20/jeannette-ng-john-w-campbell-and-what-should-be-said-by-whom-and-when/
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    2019 Hugo Awards

    Campbell was an enthusiastic proponent of gunning down student protesters against the Vietnam War, among other things. Campbell’s fascistic leanings have long been an open secret in the sci fi community. See Norman Spinrad’s 1972 book, “The Iron Dream.”
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    That Time I Almost Wrote A BRP Vampire Game

    It was definitely the zeitgeist. My college gaming group was playing things like Champions and Runequest and homebrews and right around 1988 all of a sudden we started getting a rash of new vampire and were-creature characters, necromancers and warlocks.
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    2019 Hugo Awards

    Sort of interesting how the reaction in fandom since last night seems to be about 75% YOU GO GIRL, 15% Yes we sure need to address our problematic history and maybe rename that award, 9% He was not neither a fascist and 1% GIT OFFA MAH LAWN YOU YOUNG PUNK WHIPPERSNAPPERS
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    2019 Hugo Awards

    Have you seen Jeanette Ng’s acceptance speech for the Campbell Award? Wow!
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    RIP Barry Hughart, author of funniest damn Chinese historical fantasy ever

    https://locusmag.com/2019/08/barry-hughart-1924-2019/ If you have not read the Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox you owe it to yourself to do so. They are wickedly funny fantasy adventure stories set in ancient China with ridiculous numbers of references to classical Chinese literature...
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    RIP Richard Williams, “Roger Rabbit” animator and industry legend

    https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-49382175 A lot of people got into the industry because of him. He’s left quite a legacy.
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    What about the Lankhmar books by Fritz Leiber?

    For a moment I was wondering why I’ve never read the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stories despite their influence and many friends who like them, and then the Retro-Hugo ballot reminded me that Leiber wrote Conjure Wife.
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    Tell me about your favorite tarot deck

    And since I should probably answer the question of the thread, my favorite Tarot is (are) the original Visconzi-Sforza decks from the fifteenth century. They're magnificent little works of art showing the beginnings of the game and its solid grounding in Italian Renaissance Christian culture...
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    Tell me about your favorite tarot deck

    Also it was Waite who changed what the Tarot was, removing or renaming its classic historic Christian symbolism and tacking on a lot of then-fashionable mysticism.
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    Tell me about your favorite tarot deck

    Rider was the company that published that Tarot deck. Arthur Edward Waite wrote up what should be on the cards. Later (much later), people thought it might be worth giving a little credit to Pamela Colman Smith, the actual artist who designed and drew them.
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    [Comics] R.I.P. Ernie Colon

    He was one of the great comic artists of the twentieth century. I remember as a kid looking at his superhero work and thinking "Wait, did this guy draw 'Richie Rich'?" His work will be remembered.
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