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    At what point did you decide that you never want to play D&D ever again?

    I almost got soured on it before I even started. While I had a definite interest—especially in Planescape and Dark Sun—even as a little baby nerdlet, the first local game store I ever set foot in was a hostile environment. But later, I got together a gaming group, which somewhat mitigated...
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    Don't mind me; just copy-pasting what I put up at another forum:
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    [Inclusivity/Setting Hacking/LGBT] Queering Talislanta

    Considering Talislanta is about as eclectic as it gets, it would probably be more effective to inquire into the policies of a particular race or culture. I doubt there's any one particular way in which they'd all work.
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    Wonderland adventures

    There was an old TSR D&D module called Dungeonland that was based on Alice in Wonderland. It was even followed up with The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror. Those might get you somewhere.
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    Gaming as a Girl

    While the "not-so-FLGS" that drove me to buy all of my games online has been an anomaly in my experience, I'm sure I've talked about it before.
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    The Secret Fire: Did It Change the Hobby Yet?

    *snerk* If it's hippies, it'd be chickpeas and patchouli. Among other distinctive plant products. No, really: he's got to have taken Mazes and Monsters a bit too seriously.
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    Help me name my snake/lizard based criminal organization in my supers game?

    This is what I'd go for. Or, rather, something involving the word "ouroboros." The Ouroboros Syndicate, perhaps?
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    Character creation sessions: Do you do this?

    I haven't in the past, but it doesn't seem like an entirely bad idea. (While I can see not wanting to clue in the resident munchkin, "keeping their characters a mystery," in my experience, tends to be shorthand for "doing something slick.")
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    Art of 'unattractive' and kickass women!

    Or, alternately: that's not a Boolean "and." :p Back on topic, I could swear I found a few images that fit. But now, I can't recall where they were. So here's a steampunk orc. Whether or not she qualifies should be left up to the viewer's discretion. (I'd trust the artist with my three-eyed...
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    How do you make your fantasy deities?

    Some of mine are from real-world faiths and mythologies, although twists got put on them. Others just kind of developed out of concepts.
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    [Anti-4e] 4e sucks!

    Aside from the fact that that's all subjective (or at least highly debatable)? Starting a post off with the presumption that the opposition doesn't "understand" never sets a good precedent. Disagreement does not equal incomprehension.
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    [Anti-4e] 4e sucks!

    As of when I started typing that, it looked like there was still some debate as to who, exactly, it had been. My argument was intended in good faith. Let's just have that out in the open, shall we? And while my experience is admittedly limited, I really haven't seen that many of the latter...
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    [Anti-4e] 4e sucks!

    I can't say that I entirely disagree with that review, and I only see a brief mention of electronic games. But I take it this represents the reviewer's previous attitude mellowing considerably?
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    Double Poll - what version of D&D do you like best and when did you start playing D&D

    Re: Double Poll - what version of D&D do you like best and when did you start playing First D&D game I ever played was AD&D. I wasn't all that impressed—at least, not with the "crunch" of it. Later, I picked up 3e. I liked it better. Nowadays, it's Pathfinder. I really can't get into...
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    [Anti-4e] 4e sucks!

    You know, you're right. While it was a flat denial, perhaps I read a bit more indignation into it than was there. I'm willing to admit as much. The same can't be said of your later posts. I am no more attempting to "paint myself as the aggrieved party" than is anyone else here. And I'm...
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