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  • Uh, don't talk too much about the "working with Brad" thing; on reflection, I'm not entirely sure that is official.

    Big mouth...
    I couldn't possibly comment. :)

    Except it being a new genre for me.

    And that I'm working with Brad Elliott as well as some amazingly talented people who are producing stuff that blows my mind.

    And that if we ge even half of the art we're aiming for... Gosh, will it be pretty.

    Lots of tease, I know! Believe you me, as soon as there is something more substantial to talk about (and we have a clearer time frame than "um, 2013?" I won't ever shut up about this.
    The TBZ one, right? I think that was where you posted the link to that game the first time.
    Man, SPIEL this year; think about it.

    I'll be there, looks like SG might be coming i well. I promise TBZ. :D

    And i gather from the comment no plans for GenCon '12 or something, eh? How could you, SG, & me end-up meeting at some point? *ponders*
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