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  • Well it's great to actually have a group to game with. :) I don't have a group. Mainly because I don't know anybody now who plays DW. But partly also because my irregular schedule deters me from making the effort to go find people to play with. So I am doing the next best thing now, which is to do low intensity PBPs. :)
    I'm actually playing with a group of two other old DW hands whom I met on this forum two years ago. :)

    Granted we are not actually playing DW now, but being from the same background we sort of have a common taste in games.

    Right now I am GMing a Dragon Age campaign using Savage Worlds rules - I didn't like the official Green Ronin DA rules.

    Are you gaming with a group currently?
    Hello there! :D

    Surprised and delighted to finally find a Singaporean here who loves DW...:)

    Was thinking that DW basically died out down here since the 80's where there were at least some schoolboy nerds (myself included) who took it up...
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