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  • Hi
    Whilst nosing around online I noticed a post by you saying that you play Talisman. I live in Chelmsford as well and Talisman is one of my favourite games. I went completely overboard and converted every card and set from the previous editions for use in the new version. Would you be up for a game sometime?

    Please reply to cidervampire@gmail.com
    Hiya. I was reading an old actual play thread of Wraith. You had posted to PM you with my email details for a copy of your Wraith to Nwod conversion. Hope you still have it and my email is:

    Either way thanks for your time
    We really can't offer anything printed to a non-reviewer as our current print run is running low.

    Can offer you a PDF version on the QT.
    we're always looking for new reviews
    "Anyone who wants a copy of the nWOD conversion I have thrown together for this send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send you a word document with everything on it. "

    I know you posted this back in 2006, but I'd love to see your work on this.

    I recently dusted off my Wraith books. What a great game, that I never played.
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