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    Steam Daily Deals 6: Where "daily" means "whenever we can be arsed to check".

    Downwell is free on Android.
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    So Star Citizen is a massive scam, right?

    Speaking of which, has there been any interesting news about Pathfinder Online lately? It was interesting to follow in its "heyday", but I just glanced at their devblog and it looks like they're just dribbling out a patch every couple months.
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    What kinds of Video Games should I play?

    I was going to recommend Frostpunk, the new game by the This War of Mine developers, but it looks like the Mac version of that's still in development. It's a city builder in a harsh frozen environment, so you get some of the terrible choices in a desperate situation from TWoM plus some of the...
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    Steam Daily Deals 6: Where "daily" means "whenever we can be arsed to check".

    Is there a way to get Humble to just email you once a month when they announce the teaser game? It seems like checking the "Monthly" box in their email preferences gives you that, a couple reminders before the month ends, and several more just advertising the features of the subscription that I...
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    The Ongoing Nintendo Thread II: Now Available in Exciting Neon Colors OR Dreary Grey!

    There's some procedural elements in recent Zelda releases- the "chamber dungeon" thing in the Link's Awakening remake, and the overworld in Cadence of Hyrule is randomly generated each playthrough. There have been some romhacky things in the NES releases, like the Zelda 1 version where you...
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    [#MeToo] Alexis Kennedy (creator of Fallen London, Sunless Sea and Cultist Simulator) accused of abuse by multiple women, denies allegations

    There's been some discussion of this over in the general MeToo thread in Tangency (as well as the other game industry accusations coming out in the last week or so), but the RPS article in the OP pretty much covers it. The one other development is that this all came out shortly before Kennedy's...
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    The Ongoing Nintendo Thread II: Now Available in Exciting Neon Colors OR Dreary Grey!

    There have also been some leaks about the next Smash character. I was kind of hoping for an Overwatch character given the OW leaks, but more recent leaks suggest someone from an SNK game.
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    So Star Citizen is a massive scam, right?

    What I've heard about XCOM 2, at least at launch, was that it cheated in your favor- if you were playing on "normal" difficulty, what it told you was 70% chance to hit was actually a 77% chance, or an 87% chance if your last attack missed. (Reddit link with details)
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    Dicey Dungeons

    Here's another example of a silly build killing a boss in two turns: (there's a little swearing)
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    Dicey Dungeons

    Have you unlocked episodes and/or the sixth class yet? You see a lot more synergy there, including items that explicitly do most of the things you mention... which I think goes into one of my concerns about the game, that it does take a bit to ramp up to its full complexity/difficulty. As one...
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    Games We've Beaten 2019

    If you like Hitman Go, there's also Lara Croft GO and Deus Ex GO, with a similar turn-based puzzle concept but very different mechanics. Of the three, I think Hitman has the most interesting puzzle variety but I like the Tomb Raider aesthetic personally.
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    Buying on itch.io

    Popular Youtuber Mark Brown of Game Maker's Toolkit runs a game jam on Itch every year: this year's wrapped up a few weeks ago, with the theme "Just one." Jam games are usually free and pretty short, but a good way to get a taste of the weirder indie stuff you see on the site...
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    Mario Maker 2: Its out.

    The Story Mode levels are more about showcasing the sort of things you can do (especially with new mechanics/items in 2), so they trend a little more puzzly than the average. The variety of courses is massive, and you'll get a different mix depending on how you look for them.
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    So whatcha playing? - A Thread For Chit-Chatting About Whatever Game(s) We're Playing At The Moment

    Dicey Dungeons, the new game by indie dev Terry Cavanagh (VVVVVV, Super Hexagon) officially came out last night. It's a dice-based roguelike: on your turn you roll a pool of dice, and you have a set of equipment "cards" that you can assign dice to in different combinations to do damage, protect...
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    The waiting game (games preordered and backed on Kickstarter)

    Tang Garden just sent a confusing update with an image timeline saying "Production" would be June-August and "Freight and Fulfillment" would be September to October, but the text of the update says they're waiting on the manufacturer for two things and then "30 to 45 days of lead time for final...
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