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  • As much as I hate to make the association, like Limbaugh. I assume all the evil and spite is contained in the "lim".
    So you mention from time to time on RPG.net that you're either a published or very nearly published game designer type, which leads me to suppose that you must have a list somewhere of where can be acquired mature fruits of your brain (rather than the partials I keep running across on RPG.net). Is there such a list? Can you show me where to find it?
    Hate to bother you but do still have the nightbane table you mentioned a little while ago. If so can you PM it to asok@netzero.net? It sounds like it may be the answer to one of my current prayers. Much obliged.
    Good news! My obsession for Mondo Mojo has (temporarily) drifted to an obsession for the chance that Elfworld will finally come out! You don't have to worry anymore!:D

    On a more serious note, I listened to a chunk of your interview with Ross Payton, and will listen to the rest hopefully tonight. Also, took a look at MSG, and will take a more thorough look when I can get my eyes to focus.

    I hope you are feeling well, as I am starting to feel sick and miss being in good health. :(
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