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  • I think you must be the Baron i remember then. You were one of my favorite posters on WW's forums, if you want to know. Always saying solid stuff - i particularly remember looking forward to your thread reviewing each new V:tM (it was you, right? ;)).

    I've been meaning to ask you:

    Are you the 'Baron Samedi' from WW's forums back in the day?
    When I looked at improving Scion's social combat system (which is alot like Exalted 1e) I looked first at Exalted 2e's social system to see if that would be a good port. Unfortunately, I decided that while it was better then the 1e was not a very good system at all. I wound up making up something from scratch rather then using it.

    So what did you end up doing? I'm curious to see your system.
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