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  • Hi Bashman!

    If the offer still stand for the "zeroes" project, i would happily give it a read and test it.

    My email is:

    Sure (Btw it is on sale now at rpgnow.com in pdf for $9.99).
    It is called BASH! Ultimate Edition, and it is a simple Supers rpg that uses 2d6. I have recently done a podcast interview at RPG Circus about it, but here is a link to give an overview of the system, a preview of it, read some reviews, as well as to other podcasts: http://www.bashrpg.com/BASH

    I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have.
    What does it take to get a third party publishing project going with BASH? I didn't see anything about it on your website, but I saw that Radioactive Ape Colin is doing a project that'll be both Icons and Bash. I'm currently working on an M&M 3E project that might work well in BASH as well... but with the ease of use with BASH, I may want to get another project going sooner, if it's not difficult...
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