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    [Guild Wars 2] Anyone Still Playing?

    Just a FYI Bank tabs are currently on sale at 390 gems per down from 600.
  2. Belor

    [Guild Wars 2] Anyone Still Playing?

    Yup back to Grothmar from GW1 wonder of we'll get close to Eye of the North or whats left of it.
  3. Belor

    Help me remember a 90s TV show

    Could it have been New Amsterdam a short lived series but it was from 2008
  4. Belor

    [Guild Wars 2] Anyone Still Playing?

    If i'm reading the post right in they are waiting till the event finishes then awarding the loot at the end.
  5. Belor

    [Sequel] Zombieland Double Tap

    So this just dropped Zombieland Double Tap Trailer.I have to say this looks like it could be fun.
  6. Belor

    Wes Studi awarded Honorary lifetime achievement Oscar

    Him and Graham Greene seem to the goto guys if you want a American Indian presence in a movie and both very fine actors thankfully.
  7. Belor

    Wes Studi awarded Honorary lifetime achievement Oscar

    Have to say nice to see all the hard work pay off for him.
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    Best Sci-Fi Novels of the 21st Century

    And at the moment Grand Central Arena is available in ebook format at amazon.co.uk for free (Don't know about other amazons though)
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    [Guild Wars 2] Anyone Still Playing?

    To Be fair that may not be all on them , I had that same problem couldn't get past the departed in PoF and the last misson of Season 4 because of it. My ISP changed my modem for other reasons and when i attempted them just "sailed" through them. So i t may be a little bit of this, a little bit...
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    Something strange in the neighborhood?

    BBC version of the story In the BBC article he does say he would love to see more stories from the female Ghostbusters
  11. Belor

    {ISOTTKO} ID a book for my Hubby

    Sounds a little like Santiago: a Myth of the Far Future though some if the details seem different and its been long enough since i read it to unsure of the details
  12. Belor

    This Week's Oglaf: Fancy Like A Gay Peacock Threesome

    Probably members of PETA.
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    Who can see the notice on Carl Sargent's passing?

    i can see it as well.
  14. Belor

    The Gifted S2 Ep 1 9/25

    My thought was I wonder how many of them have/had white robes and pointy hoods hanging in the wardrobe?
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