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  • Hey, I notice you are from Ky. as am I. Good to find people from my neck of the woods! just wondering if your Dueling Grounds are anywhere near the Dueling Grounds racetrack in Simpson county. I'm in Bowling Green.
    Hoi, just a quick question. Saw your name and thought it looked really familiar. You wouldn't have, by chance, grown up in Oklahoma, didja?
    Just wanted to say I was reading the Which Exalts are the most powerful thread, and saw your post. Wanted to say thank you. Stuff like that keeps me actually reading Exalted threads here. Awesome stuff.
    I was just reading the Ravenloft thread and would love to see your conversion notes for Savage World. My email is trippingsatyr@gmail.com
    I was just reading the torg thread, I would be very interested in your Savage Worlds conversion. My email is iambigtom@verizon.net

    I am a big fan of the Torgoverse, but the rules system definitely had its issues. SW sounds like a good fit.
    Thanks for the feedback on the Dragon Hatchling thread, and especially the nifty link to the YahooGroup. Your M&M work is a thing of beauty ;)
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