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    What system for Dragon Mountain?

    What about D&D 4e? It offers an abundance of kobolds with various possible tactics. Furthermore, the floorplan-based combat with tactical and forced movement as well as terrain effects seems like it would work well for the mostly spacious rooms in Dragon Mountain.
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    [DM Advice] Why study magic?

    What about a legend or prophecy that the ultimate/a great victory vs. BBEG can only be one by a group of mages? Maybe the story isn't widely known and the characters learn of it during their first adventures. Maybe they inadvertantly fulfill the first part of the prophecy and are shood becoming...
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    Folkloric Germany as a D&D setting - what time and region to pick?

    Another location would be the Eifel. Lying between important cities (Aachen, Trier, Koblenz) and close to the Rhein, it gives you the classic D&D setup: get your quest in a city and travel into the wilderness to complete it. Regarding the time, you first have to decide whether you want...
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    Best Mechanics to Steal from Non-D&D Games

    I think about integrating the Ressource Dice mechanic from Forgotten Lands in my 2e Dragonlance campaign. Problem is, there are long stretches were the PCs couldn't really acquire new arrows, bolts, or stuff like that.
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    Too many books to read. What are you reading now and what's next on your list?

    Currently, I'm using Curse of Niniveh (C7 for CoC), as bed-time reading. Next weekend I'll be visiting RatCon without a fixed shopping list. I'm curious what will be next.
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    Are You Buying Pathfinder 2E

    Five years ago? Never! Today? Probably. I was pretty much feed up with 3.5 in 2008 and never went the Pathfinder way. Well I bought Second Darkness I cause I found it in a local shop and I really llike the AP idea. But I found it so bad that withheld any further investment until I heard of...
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    What percent of your RPG library have you actually played?

    I was going for 5-10% but then someone in this thread mentioned PDFs. That definietly brings me down to less than 1%. Curious fact: there are things in my ccollection which, accoring to the OP's definition, were played/used much more than once. If I onlöy would be able to detect these precious...
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    [Recommend] Looking for NON WoTC adventure paths for 5E

    You might want to look at ENWorld's Offerings: War of the Burning Sky and Zeitgeist. Both are APs originally published for 3.5e (WotBS) and 4e (Z). Both have been converted to other rule systems in the meantime, with the 5e version partially published. Both APs offer free Players' and GM's Guid...
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    So, who is sticking with Pathfinder 1e and why?

    I'm not invested in PF at all (save the Kingmaker AP). To generate my interest, PF2 has to be substantially change from its 3.5e core. So I guess I'll wait for some serious reviews, maybe buy a new AP (damn my curiosity!) and then decide whether it might be a game I'd like to run in the near future.
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    Strangest House Rule

    I still sometimes use something similar, with the factor not being 5 but depends on the task's difficulty: time 5 is an easy task whereas time 2 is pretty hard. I took this rule from CoC 2e. When I re-introduced this rule to my current group, the players showed some difficulty grogging the...
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    What is the most "heretical" house rule you've ever instituted?

    Heretical? Probably spontaneous casting for wizards and clerics in my 2e days. They prepared their spells in the usual way but could try to cast something different. It involved a roll on WIS or INT with a penalty based on the spell level. IIRC, the casters also took damage when a spell from a...
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    The wisdom of Jesus if he played D&D

    Let he, who is without sin, cast the first Fireball.
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    [funny] Ruin an RPG by changing one letter of its title

    SoleMaster: The RPG for playing cobblers in medieval Paris.
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    [funny] Ruin an RPG by changing one letter of its title

    HoleMaster: the game of professional golf with result tables for every club, course and hole. Results include a mole sticking its nose from the green (Fumble 271-275 when putting) and a magic wind blowing you ball directly into the hole (Critical 436-440 with the driver). Never before has there...
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