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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    335) In a messy dark house whilst a couple argue back and forth in the kitchen and a TV plays something dull in the background. They don't seem to notice the fighters.
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    🎨 Creative 101 Weapon Dealers

    56) The World Village Smithies In the World Village you can get all SORTS of weapons. The culturally (and otherwise) diverse population ensure that some of the stuff you get cannot be found in your standard fantasy-Western -and -Northern-European-influenced-generic-setting. Everything from...
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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    287) In a karate dojo whilst training is in session. 288) Whilst miniaturised and doing battle inside somebody's living brain. 289) Inside a submersible in the deepest part of the ocean. 290) On the set of a low brow erotic movie. 291) In pitch darkness in a pine forest whilst being pursued by...
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    Black powder firearms and game balance?

    In a village where somebody is pushing to organise a navy and army to protect its territory, some of the villagers have access to black powder muskets, whilst others have bows and other projectile weapons, some have melee weapons and some have unarmed skills. There are makers who can make the...
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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    244. In the midst of a busy city in a foreign country known for its dislike of tourists. You and your opponent are really pissing off the locals.
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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    195. In the middle of a horde of zombies. 196. In a chocolate factory 197. On a pool table while a game is being played by a group of rival bikies
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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    57. In a fully staffed police station. 58. In a church during communion. 59. In a mosque during the prostration to Mecca. 60. At your best friend's wedding. 61. In a vegetarian restaurant. 62. At a workshop on nonviolence. 63. In a school science lab. 64. On a modern battlefield. 65. In a...
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    🎨 Creative 101 Yokai or Urban Fantasy Creatures

    65. The Great Devourer.* Appears as a gluttonous human being and is known for its enormous appetite. Will eat human food, but in private it will eat ANYTHING. And its favourite is live conscious prey, especially people. Manifests in the world as a person... externally. Can open its maw...
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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    Maybe I am misspelling it. It means "fight book" and is one of the names for old European martial arts manuals from the olden days (medieval and Renaissance times). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_arts_manual
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    💯 {Staff Pick} 101 Bad Places for a Swordfight

    46. Outside a hipster bar on a Saturday night. 47. On the lawn of your ex's new boyfriend's house when you are due to collect your child for an access visit. 48. In the middle of a skillshare of fectbuch enthusiasts. You and your opponent and are not one of them.
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    Societal inventions that can be introduced to a primitive setting?

    I would spend on education, specifically literacy in Common and in LOTC (Languages Other Than Common) and language classes in same.
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    (AD&D 2nd Edition) Terra Australis Incognita

    That the terrain, the conditions and the climate mimic those of Australia. Your idea sounds wonderfully surreal and threatening to the PCs though.
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    (AD&D 2nd Edition) Terra Australis Incognita

    What would Australia look like in AD&D 2nd Edition? I have envisioning a place that is geographically, geologically and climate wise very similar and paradoxically small until you try crossing it. There has been in recent history a prison established to take the prisoners that an empire can no...
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    [NSFW][Lewd][Not for little children][Let's Read] Book of Erotic Fantasy

    Oh how one LONGS for the simplicity and innocence of 2nd Edition.
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    AD&D (2nd Edition) Improvised weapon damage? (The Shiv)

    How much damage would a shiv do? A character whittles away at a suitable object, conceals it on their person and whips it out to stick it in an enemy's vitals at a suitable time. Also, would this be considered a chaotic or evil act at all?
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