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    [Riot Quest] After the end of the Iron Kingdoms we lightened up a bit...

    Furthering the tangent, how is Fallout as far as having a campaign element, compared to, say, Necromunda?
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Plastic Sisters: Now, Or Sooner

    Does the current edition/version of 40k have any kind of campaign system? I'm trying to envision how something like the original Necromunda could work with armies, and failing, but I can almost picture something more like Mordheim. I'm certain neither of those things exists, but is there anything?
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    Riff--so I have no iron...now what?

    I'm curious what the visual effect of the new materials will be. Most people have a pretty distinct mental image of 1920s New York, I'd think. How does that image change if there's no iron or steel in the world? How close could we keep it if we wanted the anachronisms of fashions and so forth?
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    [5e]What are your favourite aberrations, and why?

    In my slowly evolving hex crawl game, I am planning on having most of the creatures found be aberrations and animal-descended critters. The setting is going to a post-apocalypse after a magic war, so I'm going for something vaguely "after a nuclear war, the mutants rose to prominence..." kind of...
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    Hex crawling North America

    Assuming we use six mile hexes, how ridiculous would it be to run a campaign that focused on crawling across North America, if we said that NA was at a standard D&D technology level, with magic, but without the racism of having primitive American Indians or orcs as AIs, or whatever nasty insult...
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    Rules for hex crawls?

    What are your favourite sources for hex crawl rules and mechanics? Heck, what are your favourite rules and mechanics for hex crawls? The last time I interacted with the idea was the 5e adventure path that took place in the jungle continent, had a ruined city full of animal-themed temples, and a...
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    [5e] Animals as interesting encounters?

    At what level do you think D&D characters stop interacting with animals, wild and otherwise, in interesting ways? Since it's D&D, I'm specifically referring to combat encounters, but I'm interested to hear about other ways characters and animals could interact in such a way as to use D&D's...
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    Malazan on audible?

    Has anyone listened to the Malazan books from Audible? I've read the first few and enjoyed them, but that was a long time ago. I'd like to listen to the whole series. I'm concerned, however, by the time commitment this would take. There are ten books, and each is ~40 hours long. That's basically...
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    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    Spooky seems to really want Roko's approval and friendship. Jerking her around like that, while funny, seems like it would be counterproductive, given how fragile their relationship already is.
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    Playlist wanted, please

    Does anybody have some good suggestions for music to listen to while writing? I'm working on a sci-fi post-apocalyptic thing with vampires, and I'd like to listen to some inspiring music while writing. Ideally this music wouldn't have any lyrics in English, because I find I tend to plagiarize...
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    Any advice on creating a campaign setting cooperatively with my players? (D&D 5e)

    Is this an actual game? I googled the name, but didn't come up with anything.
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    The Sixth Questionable Content thread: attractive robots and hipsters only!

    I think she realized the reading portion of her break/work time was over, so rolled the magazine up to stuff in her back pocket.
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    Shadowrun Sixth Edition?

    You were right, those were excellent sources. I preferred the spirit video to the heist video, but it's a niggling difference. If you have any other suggestions like those, I'd love to see them.
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    Endworld/Blade and Commune

    The Blade series I'm referring to is "...a 13 novel spin-off to this series called Blade." So, yes, the series with Rikki Tikki Tavi, who, if my very old memories are correct, was the best character. Deathlands and Outlanders are definitely a similar case, yeah. Good suggestion.
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    Endworld/Blade and Commune

    I realize it's tacky to respond to one's own post, but what the hell. I realized that I think what I'm going for is a post-apocalyptic shared universe. Or possibly a multiverse. And now I'm off to consider what other books and series could be included in such a thing.
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