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    So Star Citizen is a massive scam, right?

    On the contrary, the whole point of consumer protection laws is to protect all of us. You say "some people are like that", I say "everyone is like that at least once or twice in their life". Likewise numerous studies into consumer behaviour have concluded that purchasing decisions are far from...
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    [Joker] The first trailer has just dropped

    Even if this is just a supervillain version of the King of Comedy (the old Martin Scorsese classic) this could be a very good movie. Thankfully this is the FINAL TRAILER (I hope) so I'll be able to go into this movie and be surprised. A good surprise, I hope!
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    So Star Citizen is a massive scam, right?

    Sometimes life just is as it is. You can dress the world in as much graduate level tertiary educational speak as you like but the very nature of the humanity is for some to exploit others. How this is done and the language around it can change but the behaviour has and always will be present in...
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    So Star Citizen is a massive scam, right?

    I believe the saying "A fool and his (or her) money are soon parted" is one to always bear and remember.
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    Invader Zim! Enter the Florpus!

    I think it's hard to recapture the zeitgeist of the original series - but this new episode/movie was a much better approximation compared to a lot of other cartoon-revivals I've seen in recent years.
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    Amazing Moments in Mediocre Media

    The scene where Reno the dog is thrown while-playing-dead from the side of a ship at port in Top Dog. Best laugh I have had since the Deep's attempts to save a dolphin in The Boys.
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    Who else is hooked on Netflix's Mindhunter? (Spoilers allowed)

    Speaking of which? I just finished the second season this evening my time. In my opinion the second season is better than the first - and I really liked the first season. So don't fence sit if you're thinking of watching this - it's that good.
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    [Streaming] What's on your watch list?

    I finished Season 2 of Mindhunter this evening. It was absolutely brilliant. It's probably the best adaptation of real-life detective work for cinema/television I've ever seen. I would dare say the second season was actually better than the first - and I did love the first season.
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    Are you loyal to humanity?

    I'm almost always rooting for the ugly peasants. They're my folk. Whether that is the 'humans' in the story, or something entirely made up, really varies depending on the entertainment or story.
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    Invader Zim! Enter the Florpus!

    Humans! I command you! COMMAND YOU! TO WATCH! The Good News is that Enter the Florpus is good fun. It is a movie in the sense that it resolves a lot of the conflict of the show - yet how much every truly changes? I won't spoil anything but I would urge you to give this a go. It's up on...
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    Skyrim SE Mod Recommendations?

    Now that mod rings a bell.
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    The Wandering Earth (2019 Chinese film)

    I did watch this on the weekend. It felt like an old-school "Crack in the World" 1950's styled sci-fi film written for a Chinese audience. The worldbuilding looked great but it was all pretty absurd. Snuck in some anti-Japanese propaganda, which is to be expected if you're going to be a film...
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    [Rocko] The twenty-fist century is a dangerous century.

    I really wanted to like this but I didn't. Not sure why exactly, perhaps the original source material original just hasn't aged well. Still, it was nice they tried.
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    Okay, you lot. Recommend me some anime!

    I didn't know of the manga until the anime - but it's painfully obvious from the anime that the manga came first. The character designs are very good, highly-stylised and the story is very heavy of the plot dump of backstory during the fight itself. My favourite character is the salaryman...
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    [Netflix] Wu Assassins aka Holy Neo-90s Schlock, Batman!

    I'm struggling to get through this - while I like the actors overall the story is weak and a few fights scenes alone aren't nursing me through the paper tiger plot. Still, it exists, which is nice.
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