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    The new She Ra show on Netflix.

    Actually, Netossa and Spinerella don't have runestones.
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    [Comics] Let's Chat About Comics (of all kinds!)

    The newest Captain Berlin is really good at tieing the backstory together and furthering the story. Also the second issue of Zombieman makes the hero a lot more likeable and introduces a mysterious main atagonist. I'm smelling a crossover. The newest issues of Walt Disney Lustiges Taschenbuch...
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    For fans of good quality cartoons a la MLP and Gravity Falls: Star vs the Forces of Evil.[merged]

    Wait, how big would earth have to be now?
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    By the way, the scene where Dewey couldn't make out who the villain was from the trailer? I bet Launchpad could. I could, easily. I knew it when all the lights suddenly went dark.
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    [Marvel 616 and MCU] I love inconsequential, slice-of-life headcanons

    That reminds me of something that actually happens in King Julien: Exiled.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    Now I am seeing Scrooge coming in when someone watches the Darkwing Duck episode with Paddywhack shown in "Friendship Hates Magic" and saying: "He was bigger when I fought him." Because of course Paddywhack is an actual demon whose name and mst iconic look was used in the show.
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    If you were a Scooby-Doo villain, what would be your motive?

    I would haunt the local castle to get the fraternity that lives there to move out. Because the castle is awesome and they don't deserve it.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    Well, they only showed five of Darkwing's enemies as fictional characters. Okay, four of them are really important, but there are still many more. Including one who could easily play them all, as she is a shapeshifter. And FOWL was already established as a real thing. So, now we have Gizmoduck...
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    [Spoilers] Agents of Shield: S6:Ep 2 Window of Opportunity

    I now want to see one side of that portal flipped upside down.
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    Pokemon: Detective Pikachu [Spoiler Thread]

    Just saw it. Good movie. So, the material used for the hologram can't really have come from the police, right? The whole idea of getting more information by making it threedimensional makes no sense. It must have come from his own cameras. But why did Mewtwo need Tim to save his father? Did I...
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    S3 of Star Trek Enterprise is shockingly different from S1-2

    Wasn't there also plans that we would get to see the conflict between earth and the Kzinti that was mentioned in Niven's episode of TAS? I vaguely remember seeing sketches for a Kzinti ship.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    I actually think the "real Darkwing" mentioned in the synopsis is just Jim Starling, but we will see.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    So, obviously, unlike in Rosa's inofficial family tree (Ludwig got cut out of the official one) Ludwig von Drake was not married to Matilda McDuck or Scrooge would interact with his children in a very different way. The song with the code is obviously The Spectrum Song from von Drake's first...
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    The new She Ra show on Netflix.

    The thing is, if they want to introduce more Horde Characters but can't use the orginal toy Horde, there were more in the Filmation show. Like the robot Dylamug, Admiral Scurvey, False Face ... And of course they havn't really done anything with Octavia yet. Just established that Catra and Adora...
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