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    Disney's Descendant's 3

    I watched the first two and while I didn't like the second much, I will probably watch this one, too. One thing I don't like about the first is that they made Jafar a thief. I mean, he did steal some things in "Aladdin", but on a totally different level. Aladdin was the thief. The way Jafar is...
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    (Cartoons) Any of you guys seen this Amphibia show?

    I have seen it and it is really good. The metaplot is only in a few episodes but all the other episodes are used to flesh out the cast and the setting. And I really like the setting.
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    Rate the Incompetent Villains

    The thing is, Drakken's plan in "So The Drama" failed because SHEGO got sloppy. She just tied Kim and Ron up, left them together, didn't take away their equipment and basically forgot about Rufus. Of course they escaped and foiled the plan.
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    [The Lighthouse] Well, this trailer rocks!

    I am reminded at the Mythos short story "Caer Sidhi" that is also about two men in a lighthouse and weird things happening (and yes, madness). I have a link to the articel on "The Lovecraft Reread": https://www.tor.com/2018/04/25/precarious-lighthouses-george-t-wetzels-caer-sidhi/
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    Rate the Incompetent Villains

    Okay, first things first: The duke has a name. It's Igthorn. Also, I don't think he belongs on this list. His plans are good and they often nearly work. He doesn't fail because he is incompetent, he fails because the Gummi Bears have the advantage in technology and magic. Compare with Skeletor...
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    The new She Ra show on Netflix.

    Yeah, but last season I got the impression that Catra already had her last chance and blew it by lying to Hordak. It seems I was wrong. The Crimson Waste or Crimson Wastes, depending on continuity, is a place from the original show, by the way. It is where She-Ra and Huntara (who was also in a...
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    The new She Ra show on Netflix.

    So, Catra is still working for Hordak. He hasn't given up on her completely. Still no name for the goat girl. But Snake Men seem to be a thing on Etheria this time around. It's not just two of them in the Horde as in the Filmation cartoon.
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    [LTTP] Steven Universe

    Talking about crossover, there was athread years ago about including Daleks as an enemy species in Star Trek. People came up with a few good episodes. A while ago I wondered if one could do the same with Gems. The conceit would of course be that in the Star Trek universe, Steven Universe never...
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    [MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)

    Of course she is Liz Allen. That may not be her name (I don't think we ever get her last name) and she is the daughter of Adrian Toomes while Liz Allen in the comics isn't, but she is still the MCU's version of Liz Allen. Until a writer decides otherwise, of course.
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    [MCU] Spider-man: Far from home (I has seen it) (Spoilers)

    One of my ideas for the Sinister Six (before Far From Home, but it still works) was the Sinister Six including both Vulture and the never seen before Molten Man. When Spidey gets a chance to talk to Vulture, he explains that he has to work with the other villains, since they have Liz. Spidey...
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    It refers to a line in the Darkwing Duck theme song: "When there's trouble, you call DW". If the the same song exists in the DuckTales universe, Drake might even percieve Gizmoduck's line as a dig at him. Which is clearly not Fenton's intent.
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    Agents of SHIELD - Leap (spoilers)

    Thing is, it could be easily post snap (there are still billions of people left) with just some small changes in the dialog here and there. But it isn't.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    I just watched the trailer again and only now noticed the significance of what Gizmoduck says to Darkwing: "When there's trouble, you call me."
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    [Netflix] Stranger Things 3 Episodes 4-5-6 (Spoiler Thread)

    You do notice that this is the thread for episodes 4 to 6? Talking about what never happend in the show is not really appropriate.
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    [Ducktales] Ducktales Omniduck Thread

    I'm really excited to see how they will handle the TaleSpin characters. Will they be part of the time travel arc? Or are the events of TaleSpin (probably not exactly as in the original show) only a one or two decades ago and Molly and Kit look like that in the present? Also I want to know what...
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