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  • I just wanted to say hello, that I enjoy your review of DCC, and wish we were closer to play it together. I was just in Marion last month to see a wrestling show there too. Peace and be well, man.
    "That's the thing: If something really shouldn't require a roll, don't fucking roll." Well, the prawwwwblem is that there are some things that toe the line between "requires a roll" and "doesn't require a roll", and that is why arguments about this topic continue to come up.
    About SOIL Pack.

    Hey! I grew up aroud Springfield (Jacksonville) and lived in Carbondale for years. I was there when Castle Perilous first opened their doors on the hill and I think I bought nearly all my 2nd ed AD&D books there.

    So. Would I still be elligible to join? ;)
    I do live in Chicago now.

    In my old group, I tended to be the most adventurous in terms of new games, but we mostly stuck to what we knew as a group: White Wolf stuff and 2e D&D, and then 3e, when it came out. It wasn't until I got here a few years back that I started meeting people who didn't start gaming in the same group I did, so I'm always glad to meet people with differing tastes. I'm all for broadening horizons, sagging shelves, and aching wallets.

    One of the guys in my group promotes M&M pretty heavily at times, but he hasn't ran it for us yet. I played a little of the Dark Ages Vampire stuff, sorta, and owned Wraith for a while, but had to let it go in a moving sale of sorts years ago. I regret never doing anything with it. Other than that, I can see an assortment of stuff that's interested me but I've never picked up and a few things (Mutant Future, Encounter Critical) that I haven't heard of.

    I'll have to check out your trade list. I've been meaning to make one of my own for a while now, anyway.
    I'm pretty open to trying just about anything, but the only thing I've got going now is the Exalted game I've been running. Other than that, I really like Unknown Armies, nWoD, and I've really enjoyed most of the D&D 4e that I've played. I'm dying to try Hollow Earth Expedition, but competition gets kind of fierce around my group, especially since I've got the regular game going.

    What games are you into?
    I just wanted to stop by and let you know you've got another member of the SOILpack now. Also attending SIU, too.
    Hi, I just joined the Wushu group you maintain. Just wanted to say hi. Didn't seem like there was much discussion in the group, though...
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