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    Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

    I didn’t know about the Kickstarter, but happy to wait to buy the supplement as soon as it’s published. I like the idea of London as two settings in one, it opens the way to a lot of intrigue and covert ops south of the river.
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    Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

    Yes, that’s a good idea. After all people or groups up to no good would find it easier to hide their operations in a place with less supernatural activity. Or it could be an ancient awakened force that cares nothing for the Pax. If I keep it small scale I could then fit it in the published...
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    (Adventures) of the Demon Lord

    I've been running SotdL since last year and love it, so I'm happy to answer with my thoughts. First, a consideration. As soon as you are able to afford them, buy Exquisite Agony, Terrible Beauty and Hunger in the Void (Hell, Faerie, and the Void). They really help to flesh out the setting. My...
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    Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

    I’m very excited about this game because I live in South London and want to run it at our club here. The one thing that I’m a bit perplexed about is that according to the quickstart book the Pax Londinium stipulates that no supernatural creatures are allowed south of the river, and I’d like to...
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    Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

    I hadn’t heard of the KS but bought the PDF after reading a friend’s post about it and I’m really excited. I can’t wait to run The Return of Spring Heeled Jack, The Haunting of the Shard (by drowned pirates obviously), Tutankhamun Underground (set in the tunnels of the closed British Museum tube...
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    [VtM] Does the Giovanni clan have the dumbest name? Do you use the Giovanni as is or change their name?

    I’m Italian and I can confirm that Giovanni sounds rather silly - almost as if someone was brainstorming what to call the Italian clan and named it after the first name of the owner of his local Italian groceries store. However, that wouldn’t stop me from playing it if I liked it aside of the...
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    [Tabletop Etiquette] Character behaviours that wind up other players

    I think that as a GM I’d both use X cards and encourage communication around the table about issues that are triggering - and they don’t necessarily have to be an -ism, they could be something that brings back bad memories that makes one too anxious to think straight and enjoy themselves. I...
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    Savage Worlds - Starship Rules and Options

    Yes I did! I looked up anything I could find for sci-fi Savage Worlds, but in the end this booklet and the companion were the two sources I used.
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    Savage Worlds - Starship Rules and Options

    If you want to run a pulp game I'd recommend "Daring Tales of the Space Lanes: Starships of the Galaxy", it's only a couple of dollars from Drivethru. It's what I used when I ran a six-month SW sci fi campaign three years ago and it has a list of stats for ships of various sizes, modifications...
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    Games with domain/faction management? (Including companies, cults, conspiracies, etc.)

    I'm quite interested both in the original topic and in Mindjammer, which I had often seen mentioned but never looked at because the idea of running transhuman sci-fi intimidates me. However since I'm reading Alastair Reynolds's books at the moment, I'm tempted! I've just bought Sarah's novel to...
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    How much story input do you like players to have?

    I run games in a club, so when games rotate every few months I don't always know what kind of group I'm going to get. This means that I test the waters very cautiously at first to see to what extent they enjoy having agency. I too dislike being told "you name the tavern", because it disengages...
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    How do you deliver exposition?

    If it's pulp and you need to give them info related to the plot, I'd do it as the "loot" of an action scene. E.g. They are in the street getting out of their their car and see a person looking like the guy/gal they were going to meet grabbed and shoved into a car with obscured windows...
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    Fate - I just don't get it

    You're not alone, OP! I have exactly the same feelings about Fate.
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    Coriolis RPG sell me on it

    I haven't run the game yet but I've been reading it avidly and I play to run in next year. The rules are very good and there's plenty of descriptions about the setting to base your campaign on. I think that it is a great game to run a sandbox campaign, especially because you won't know what...
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    [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Impressive first session

    It's a fantastic game and a breeze to run! I find all the material really inspiring too and it seems to just bring out the best in players in terms of creativity and roleplaying. Everyone who plays it has a blast. I've run it in briefly last year (Survival of the Fittest + Witching Wood + Beware...
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