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  • No offence, but a chap who posts in Comic Sans tends to to come across as sarcastic on forums, and on that presumption, I posted the short response to your comment in the GM Dickery thread.
    Not all GM horror stories stop at the GM. The reactions they can provoke in player groups are part of the process, and serves as an extreme example to both GMs and Players alike.
    But I suspect you already know this.
    Well, I for one have been auto Ignore Listing anyone I've seen who is doing the Comic Sans thing or the Blue Font thing lately. I find it annoying and distracting, and instead of mentally ignoring those posters I've just taken the extra step to not have to see them. If there's some trend to use other random fonts or colors, I'll be ignoring those people as well.
    In case you're recording the results of your 1 year of posting in Comic Sans, today is the day I grew tired enough of it to ignore list your profile.
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