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  • You interested in a Stars Without Number game? Ninevhen is running one. I know you're an old Traveler guy, so though maybe an OSR/Traveler hybrid like that might appeal to you.
    No, just the daughter, but she's got a life's worth of stuff to move, so it took a while to pack and organize at short notice.
    Just the daughter out, but way too stuff to sort and pack, then unpack and organize at other end. Should be done now though, bar the tidying up and washing.
    Hey, I was just wondering if I could make two more small changes to my PC. First, I was wondering if I could have him be a lay member of the Argan Argar cult, since Argan Argar is the main god of the Kitori? Second, I wanted to ask if I could swap my War Maul for a Long Spear, since having a War Maul and a Heavy Mace at the same time seems a bit silly, and the spear is the main weapon of Argan Argar?
    What I mean is a scale hauberk with the scales made from small pieces of carved chitin, about as light and protective as light chain, equivalent to ringmail in RQ3 rules.

    That PC is pretty cool. Mind if I change the names of my weapons to be like the ones on your sheet? I was thinking that Vorazang is from a Kitori clan that learned how to breed beetles through trade with the Gorakiki cult, and is now primarily focused on raising giant beetles and producing and selling chitin crafts.
    Ok, now that I think about it my "ringmail" hauberk will actually be made of light chitin scales, if that's ok. I'm somewhat of a pedant about that kind of thing myself.
    I was mainly worried about it because I've been casting a lot of spells. Mind if I change things up a bit? I was thinking about taking some heavier chest armor, and maybe something a bit lighter on the head.
    Hey, I think I may have completely messed up my armor encumbrance during character creation. I'm not sure how I should fix it.
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