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  • Inbox is full. :)

    Should I put your name on it also or only the address?

    Hope your wife and your family and you are doing well.
    Hope you and your family and friends are doing well. If I do not talk to you before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you.

    PS: Your PM inbox is full again. :)
    Meant to post this a while ago. I'm very sorry about the miscommunication here. No harm, no foul. Chalk it up to me having a stressful day. :)

    I'm also trying to bump up my own visitor's messages. Makes me feel important. Now if I could change my join date to 2002, I'd be in business!
    Yes, I know you're happily married. One look at Fiona was enough to tell me that. :) I just have an overly developed sense of balance when it comes to repaying obligations. Hard to explain, since all the calculations are based on my own subjective and perhaps weird value system.
    I've been thinking I have not been as forthcoming as you might like, so I'll try to tell you the story behind me:

    My parents broke up when I was very young. I therefore like to look at complete and happy families while also distrusting them to last long. My parents' separation might be the cause of my caution and sadness. When the world is inherently unstable and causes you to lose important things, you learn to avoid rocking the boat, lest you lose even more. I cherish nice things, but not too much, because I know they won't last.

    Does the above make sense? It feels funny to write this, especially on a public page. Oh well.
    I do medical transcription and editing. I'm good at it, since I'm good with details and at noticing patterns and discrepancies. It's boring, but it's something to do that is useful to society.

    I'm 5 feet 5 inches and I weigh about 110 pounds. I was raised Roman Catholic but no longer practice. I am polite and well behaved and perhaps too concerned with what other people think.

    My life story is mostly a boring one. Being cautious and melancholy does not make for much excitement.

    I am pleased to listen when handsome gentlemen talk about themselves. I -do- mind divulging too much about myself in public.
    I'm doing quite well, thank you. :)

    Also: Caterer? Actor? I thought you worked solely in technical aspects of cinema and theater.

    You sound like you were quite the troublemaker. I think I envy your wildness.
    If I may ask, how tall and how heavy are you, anyway?

    Do try not to lose too much weight, okay? I am sure you are handsome just the way you are, and slim is kinda boring. :)
    Chaot, you can delete unwanted or expired visitor messages by clicking Edit on that message, then click Go Advanced, and then select the Delete Message radio button.

    You might also want to delete some of your private messages, so your inbox can receive new ones. Or do you always want me to compliment you in public for everyone to see? :)
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