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Citizen Lazlo

Is a son of the Motor City ... before the fall and the ruination of the lands ... also a Word Smith ... Future Publisher, Author, Freelance RPG Writer, Budding Novelist, Poet, Husband, Father ... Clown Hunter!

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, Parenting, Tell 'Em Steve Dave!, Alpha Centauri, Dvd's, Homestar, Books Star Wars: The Old Republic, Shooting, Baseball, Guns, Smith & Wesson, Shadowrun, Mtn Dew, PlayStation 3, Cthulhu, Role playing, Playboy, Senat
Aug 3, 1976 (Age: 43)
West Carrollton City, Ohio, United States
Owner-Operator, Small Press Indie Publisher of Fiction, Comic Books, and Role Playing Games


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