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  • Hi! I read with great interest your Revised Starship Combat Rules for Savage Worlds, and I have some questions :

    How do you handle movement? SWEX Chase rules, SWD Chase rules, or something else? If it's one of the Chase rules, how do you integrate your combat actions with them?

    Also, what Sci-Fi setting are they designed for? I see mention of "the ship's Shooting roll", "Shaken Shields", "GUARDIAN point defense systems", and turrets and fixed weapons, and I'm trying to figure out which system uses them all.
    thats cool man. I've actually live here for ten years now and just last year i graduated from Yuma High and I'm going to Arizona Western College right know... Actually im going to ask around college if they play MHFU. Well nice talking to you, Cloud Divider
    Good luck finding some others to play with! While I do live in Yuma, I can't say I've played MHFU in months now... I think I got bored playing it single player and grinding the same areas again and again.

    I didn't know you lived in Yuma, too. Sorry if I came off as a bit standoffish in my initial response. It's not often I run into folks on this particular board from this area, so I assumed you were a random guy off the 'net from anywhere else in the world...
    oh thats cool then. I will see if i can find anyone that is in 5 star quest and that actually lives In yuma. thanks for the reply.
    Sorry, Big Juan. While I have MHFU, I don't have the ability to play it over the internet.

    (Even if I did, I don't think my character is powerful enough to be of any help to you on 5-star quests - I think I've only got a Hunter Level of 1 or 2.
    hey. my name is Juan and I'm a fan of Monster hunter freedom unite. I'm like playing the solo missions but is starting to get too hard. I'm currently have fight tigrex to go on 5 star quest and a pain. so i was wondering would you like help me beat him? If your busy or whatever it's cool; i just want to try multiplayer.
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