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  • Agreed. At one point, 4E will go out and be replaced. Will he still be that hyped about 4E after that ? Meh, don't care much about fanboy attitude. Whether it's a Sony fanboy or anything fanboy. I don't respect biased opinions. Heck I like 2E but is it the best RPG I've played ? No. I prefer Dragon Warriors or L'oeil noir's way of handling attack and parries, instead of AC. Dragon Warriors has lower hit points and less inflation on them. But what keeps me coming back to 2E is flavor, down and simple. The countless amount of crazy spells. The crazy amount of magic items, the very detailed Monstrous Compendium (it is the best monster sheet I've seen so far). I am and always will be someone who's impartial. I hate partiality with passion.
    God ... Cain's out of his mind on trying to decry 2e at every possible point, eh? I wonder if it's the "RPGA" badge he wears on his chest there prompting him. I've never, EVER met a GM of that type that I've ever liked or gotten along well with - at all. I mean, talk about coming to gaming from the worst approach ever for what I want out of gaming ... crazy.
    No problem ... odd, though. It seems that 4e added a bit more complexity to the 3rd Revised rules, though. Pushback, for instance, is fully just "optional" if you want it or not. When I used it, it was only for "supers" or "giants" and things with genuinely monstrous strength and forces powerful enough to cause pushback.


    Just sayin'

    6. Was it crushing damage and did it reach ST-2 ? Check for pushback
    7. Are we at -HP or -2 x HP, etc. ? Check if he dies
    8. Next round, if HP are in the negative, remember to check against HT to stay conscious.

    I just described a single attack. It is realistic, I like it but it's too tedious. Me and my players like combat, so 2E is a whole lot faster ! Thanks for the offer though.
    Oh don't get me wrong ! I like GURPS, it's just that with the short amount of time I have to dedicate to RPGs, I need to use a non-toolbox system with an already completed campaign setting. As for my gripe on Fantasy with GURPS, it's just that a typical GURPS round with result in sooo many rolls, combat takes a load of time. A simple Attack action can result in:

    1. The attacker decides if he uses Deceptive Attack (to reduce the opponent's defences), does he also target a body part ?
    2. Attack is a success ! The defender now decides if he steps back to gain more defence points, then rolls for Defense
    3. Defense failed! Roll for damage, minus armor, multiply by damage modifiers (impaling, vitals, etc.)
    4. Ouch, you now need to keep track of the shock penalty till next round for that wounded opponent
    5. Was the vitals or head damaged or was it a major wound ? Roll against HT for knockdown and stunning.
    Ah! You just need me tips and tricks for running GURPS, and it will crystalize for you nicely. Lol. Send me a pm with your e-mail address, and I will send you all of my GURPS notes. I have a massive collection, and what my rules did was to sort of pick and choose the best of all of it and come up with new ways to mix it all up. It's good stuff! :D
    I must admit, I'm the kind of person who likes to make people laugh. I think the idea of doing 2E "power cards" is a good way to show what WotC tries to advertise as "cool" and "not boring" with 4E is simply regular attacks with random effects slapped on it. I actually think it makes combat worse, having to keep track of all those effects in play. Looks so similar to a MtG game actually (check effects at upkeep, end of turn, etc.). I like MtG, but I don't want my D&D combat to look like that.

    As for GURPS, I do own a few 4E books but unfortunately, because i get to game only once every 2-3 weeks, it just made me unable to master the system. Not to mention that fantasy style combat is very tedious. I would probably game GURPS for a modern game though.
    Man! NICELY done with the 2e "power cards" there. That's brilliant!

    I'm tearing up over here from laughing so hard!


    Just noticed you're a fellow GURPS-er like me. Well, met! I'm not down w/4th, yet, though. I've managed to get 3.5 revised down to an almost perfect science for my game preferences, though.
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