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    [D&D] Setting vs. Rules as Written?

    Seting. Always setting in my book
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    What if they *KNOW* the Sinister Secret?

    Perhaps a Strahd-like vampire is master of the haunted house, and the smugglers are charged with (among other things) transporting him (or her) in their coffin to a distant port
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    (5e) Alternate Morale systems

    yep, I'm with you. Know when to walk away, know when to run
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    I am so damn bored

    Here's how TB does it: Angry Life as an adventurer can be frustrating. Sometimes your only outlet is to rage against yourself, others, the world or the Immortal Lords. But surviving in a dangerous world requires a cool head. Angry Effect When you’re angry, you’re not thinking clearly. You can’t...
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    A nugget of rules tech

    Sounds a little (philosophically at least) like Torchbearer's Complications/Twists
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    General Oldschool /Retroclone: What system for new campaign? - Light but customizable

    I'm a big fan of DCC, although it may be a little too complex and not customisable enough.
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    "Game of Throning" the Forgotten Realms

    I've done this with every Birthright campaign I've ever run (like it or not, players...), and can't see why such a thing would not be viable (or even expected) in any pseudo mediaeval or faux-historical setting.
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    Choosing a System for Ultraviolet Grasslands

    DCC seems thematically like a great fit. AS&SH may also work.
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    D&D's tacked on skill system

    I really like Torchbearer's Twists and Conditions rules for failed skill checks: Twist Twists are new challenges to overcome. They can be immediate obstacles—you’re ambushed!—or something that causes trouble further down the line. Twists can also be played so that the character appears to have...
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    Home Brew Rules Ideas - Getting the Drop on Your Opponent.

    I defer to the old 1e Assassins' Table for Assassinations*, page 75, when it seems narratively appropriate to do so. *Or attacks on helpless opponents by any character class
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    3rd Party 5e Settings - What's Out There?

    Adventures in Middle Earth is wonderful
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