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  • Nah, it's all good. You take care of yourself Cowboy. Just keep me in mind next time you get an idea for a game :)
    Officially posted! Vincent turned into a wolf at his problem, and super-wolf-instincted his way under the bed. He hid. He hid real good.
    Didn't realize that it had started back up. I was away from the forums until yesterday, pretty much, so I'll be jumping back in.
    Sorry, I checked the combat tracker, and saw that I was listed as Initiative 3, so I thought it had been rolled for me, and that my turn simply wasn't up yet.
    You apology is appreciated, but -- IMO -- unnecessary. I'm sorry I got a little frustrated. Merry Christmas, and let's call it even, okay? :)
    Yeah. If I'm on during the afternoon EST, I'm sneaking on during work to see what updates happen so I can plan things during downtimes when I don't have a pile of paperwork on my desk.
    Yeah, I'm sorry. The Internet went out at my Grandparents' house this week, and we couldn't get it back up until after Christmas. I couldn't get online even to let anyone know what was going on. I'll get an update later this afternoon.
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