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    Cops VS the Supernatural?

    The Thin Blue Line - A Detroit Police Story for Savage Worlds doesn't make it clear from the title that it's urban fantasy about cops taking double duty hunting monsters.
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    🎨 Creative It's My Birthday! Give me Sci-Fi (or Warhammer 40k) Plot Hooks!

    Happy birthday! Planet Of The Redacted A failed planetary colony, abandoned centuries ago... with relics of one of those eras that has been expunged from the records. Recordings of unaugmented humans in Marine armour, Eldar technology stocked next to Imperial weapons, a vehicle designed for...
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    Help me find grand, tragic elves...

    The Green Knight, who issues challenges and tests Gawain throughout, but doesn't particular seem to be enjoying it. The Green Knight from Marvel's Knights Of Pendragon takes the character and ties him to the health of the land and environment, who can never leave the Green Chapel, an observer...
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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

    I ran a centuries-later Star Wars game where travelling journeyman Jedi types were called Skywalkers, so I feel it works...
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    🎨 Creative What if there was a government agency dedicated to investigating the paranormal?

    One of the Allegiances I brought to The Trinity Continuum is the National Office of Emergency Research, whose mandate is to isolate and stop first and ask questions much later. If they bring back an object their usual response is to box it up and store it. They've been around since the 40s, and...
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    Tell Me of Space Prison Colonies

    See also prison planets for settings that can devote entire planets to something like that, like DC's Takron-Galtos and the Image series Bitch Planet.
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    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker Teaser Trailer

    Crying openly on seeing Leia, and not stopping.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order trailer dropped

    The music makes me really want an Avengers game instead.
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    Tell Me of Space Prison Colonies

    2000 A.D. has both Titan in Judge Dredd, where rogue Judges are sent and have their noses and mouths sealed up to work outside, and the one-and-done series Harry Twenty On The High Rock, which is about as archetypal a take as possible apart from the warden being oddly glam rock.
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    [Horrorpack] Horror Recommendations Thread III: Bride of the Son of the Good Stuff

    Yep, in 2015. And it was... fine I guess, but I can imagine a bigger better one.
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    RPGs where the PCs are angels

    This recent thread lists a number of options. (It was started by Demon: The Descent developer Rose Bailey, who doesn't mention DTD.) Relics launched on Kickstarter today. (Bias note: I'm a playtester and on the stretch goal writing team.)
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    What happens when you mix anthro animals with the heist genre?

    Depending on how cute you want the cast to be, the rappelling burglar role would suit a spider.
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     Pleasantly surprised

    Based on the movie and despite the positive reports from genre magazines, I really wasn't expecting Buffy The Vampire Slayer to become my favourite series.
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    April Fools about She-Ra RPG turns into something else...

    As well as mixing power levels which are somewhat balanced by metacurrency, Slayers aren't the only high-powered option in the core rules, there are also ensouled vampires, in-control werewolves and more. The Angel rulebook has a more modular group of powers and problems. An all-super-types game...
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    geek media terms that've stuck in your personal lexicon

    Of all the Buffyspeak I've absorbed, I'm most prone to add -y to the ends of things when I'm in-a-funny-mood-y.
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