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    Most unused gaming purchase?

    My cat sleeps on my copy so it is getting some use....
  2. Crothian

    Most unused gaming purchase?

    I've got a lot of games I've not played but I have referenced for a different game or gotten inspiration from. I'd say my complete collection of Mongoose's d20 Babylon 5 line is one of the few things that have not gotten any use. I kept trying to sell my players on it but since none of them were...
  3. Crothian

    What system for Dragon Mountain?

    I've ran the box set and I would not do Forbidden Lands. There will be a lot of combat and that game lots of combat really can go against the PCs fast. I think it could be fun to run with DCC as a really large funnel.
  4. Crothian

    [13th Age] Catch me up on the line!

    Book of Ages has transformed the way we play a campaign. Before the players were kind of knowledgeable about the history but not really. Now with that book the players take an active role in defining the history. They help name NPCs and important events. Their buy in in the setting has increased...
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    Liminal RPG - Maths/Combat Problem

    First combat is only a significant part of the game if you make it that way. If the only way to defeat the bad guy is through combat then I feel the GM is limited the PCs. In my own game we are six sessions in with zero combat. Second, if the bad guys are being played in combat so straight...
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    Liminal RPG - Maths/Combat Problem

    It sounds like the player is min maxing a character and sure if they want to make a character that is very difficult to hit they can. But Liminal is about a lot more then just combat and the character is not going to be good at anything else. Even in combat once the bad guys realize they have...
  7. Crothian

    Liminal RPG - Anyone know anything?

    Good for them! I picked up a second copy at Gen Con and they seemed to have a ton of copies of Sunday so nice to see the sales continued after the con.
  8. Crothian

    [Streaming] What's on your watch list?

    I've got 40+ shows on Netflix, about a half dozen on Amazon Prime, and another dozen on Hulu. I don't have cable anymore and I only use the antenna for sports these days so all my watching in streaming.
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    (Columbus Ohio) Looking for a few players to round out the group

    I'm part of a group that meets in Minerva Park (north Columbus near Westerville) and we are looking for some players to add to the group. We have one GM and three players now but with work and family not everyone is able to make it all the time. We are currently playing Forbidden Lands and the...
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    [Call of Cthulhu] So what do I need to buy?

    The starter set for 7th edition is really good too.
  11. Crothian

    Izombie season 5 a lot better than I expected

    The season finally hit Netflix so I watched it all. I really liked it. I don't mind all the death fake outs in was a funny recurring gag. It is good to finally see Blaine get his in the end and even though at the time it felt anti climatic but there was no ending for that character that would...
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    First trailer for the Battle Angel Alita live action is out.

    I liked it. I also saw it on DVD and not being familiar with any of the original material I found it entertaining enough and perfectly fine afternoon movie
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    Are you ready for some football?

    The Browns are looking like they might win preseason. It's always nice to see them do well at something. Antonio Brown is threatening to quit the league over his helmet so it really does seem that he left Pittsburgh at the right time.
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    How to sell players on non-D&D 5e fantasy RPGs

    I recently did this for Forbidden Lands. We had been playing 5e for the past year but I wanted to try out some different fantasy. I explained the game and asked them to give it a shot for a month and at that time if we aren't enjoying the game we can go back to 5e. I made sure they understood it...
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    Masks Villain Design

    I actually really like that. It is something they can learn through fighting him and watching how he reacts to their fear. I find it mechanical interesting but also makes perfect sense narratively. I also like the idea of further encounters with him the heroes are trying to not to show fear in...
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