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    Amazon Prime Video: Why so hard?

    I also would like them to do a better job of separating what is including in Prime and what is not.
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    80s films less talked about now.

    Fletch and Fletch Lives
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    The Guardian: Robert Pattinson is the frontrunner to play Batman

    I never said or implied that movies made for teenage girls are innately terrible. I hold zero hatred towards the Twilight books or movies. I find it ridiculous that many people hate them without reading the books or watching the movies.
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    The Guardian: Robert Pattinson is the frontrunner to play Batman

    It is kind of amazing how after all these years how some older men are still obsessed over a series of movies made for teenage girls. He's been good and I think he'll do well if he gets the part.
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    DCCW Casting Rumors/News 2019-2020 (Potential Spoilers)

    That's a sharp looking trailer. Ruby owns the screen and it will be cool to see her in something that will give her more screen time.
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    [Spoilers] The Flash - Season 5 - Episode 22 - "Legacy"

    That actress I've always liked. She's done a lot of good work in TV over the years including her villainous role on Smallville.
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    Liminal RPG. Anyone know anything about it?

    The book is great. We are talking about starting a campaign of it soonish. There is a lot of cool ideas in the book.
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    💀 Necro Anyone tried Bluebeard's Bride?

    Do you feel the additional books and decks of cards add to the play experience?
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    Worst movies with the best visuals

    The Good Dinosaur. The characters were a bit cartoony but the backgrounds were amazing. After we saw it we had to look it up to see if the backgrounds were animated or not they looked so real.
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    [Spoilers] Arrow - Season 7 - Episode 22 - "You Have Saved This City"

    That was a great season ender. I'm curious if the other season finales will do something to set up Crisis.
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    💀 Necro Anyone tried Bluebeard's Bride?

    This game must be doing very well for what they have out for it. I just got the Books of Lore, Rooms, and Mirrors plus two decks of cards. I say that because for all the people I know that own a copy none of them have actually wanted to run a game or been able to get a game of it going. Is...
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    [Bundle of Holding] World's Largest Bundle

    Ultimate Toolbox is great. I've used that in 3ed, 4ed, and 5ed. I've used it for other games. Relics is the next one I got the most use out of as there are some cool ideas in relics and I enjoy those type of items in my campaigns. Heck, I just referenced in my current D&D game last month. Even...
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    World's Largest Dungeon 5e conversion?

    It's not a great adventure. I ran it all the way through back in the day. We had fun with it but it took some work for me and the players to get to that point. It should be easy to convert since it used all the monsters from the 3ed MM though I don't know what if any were removed from the to the...
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    [Supergirl] Season 4 - Episode 21 - "Red Dawn"

    Kasnia reminds me of the Mouse that Roared. I like the call back to those gate things they are transporting the aliens through. Lots of good things in this episode and depending on how it ends this could be the best the show has been.
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