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    Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

    Yeah. That was a really disappointing ending to the case (I enjoy the reveals of the subtleties in Sherlock; it's not the motivation that bugged me but that we hadn't seen the usual forensics Sherlock does so well), but I was rather relieved when that segued into 'this isn't actually real'. Any...
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    Winds of Winter... to no ones surprise. (Book & TV)

    My enthusiasm for both TV and book series has waned considerably. It's no fault of GRRM's, since I will probably pick up the book when it comes out, but I saw the opening episode of series 5 at someone's house fairly recently and decided I didn't care about it the same way as I did about the...
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    What is your average group size?

    7 plus GM in both my groups (alternate Wednesdays, alternate groups). We faceroll just about anything, but it's fun. I did run a game for the last year or so trying to focus on story because I knew the party was a bit OP, but it turned into Dragonlance: Fury Road, so that was cool as well (we...
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    There is an SF&F fun day we go to (more of a trade fair with guests than a con as such, at least for the last few years while they renovate the normal venue...taking its sweet time :() where there's a stall where I HAVE to buy a pony.
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    BTW: Where do people get their ponies/pony memorabilia? Not asking because I don't know, but I was just curious. I now get them from supermarkets - more chance of a discount or a bargain, and I collect Nectar points - recently there was an offer for hundreds of bonus points if you bought a toy...
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    That is...brilliant, a lot like the Wu-Tang Clan crossover one posted ages ago.
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    Thanks :). I had Netflix for a few months after IceShadow told me the same thing, but we never used it (mainly because my partner doesn't like watching TV off a laptop) and buying the US House of Cards DVDs meant I could unsub. We did then get a Fire Stick, so it's much more accessible and...
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    Me neither. I'm in the UK and it seems to hard to find the later episodes. The place to get the episodes I haven't seen (I think the last one I watched was the Weird Al guest appearance) seems to be Amazon Prime, and at £2 an episode it's probably cheaper just to pay for a year's sub and get...
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    Oh yes. I also got a MLP magazine with an exclusive Nightmare Moon figure on the front for Hallowe'en, but she's still to be unpacked from somewhere.
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    The Tragedy of Lost Books

    I sent all my AD&D 2e stuff to a charity shop eighteen months before I started playing again (although by that time 3e had come out, the 2e stuff was so detailed and easy to read that I'm sure a lot of it could have been repurposed). It was my own fault - my parents were moving house and I just...
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    [Christmas songs!] It's December, share your favourite seasonal songs!

    For my partner, Christmas starts when he hears FTONY on the radio. Edit: video tax. This is not the proper video. But it is a fun song :D. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_w7qFL2PW9w
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    [MLP FiM] Thread 20 - ellivynoP draobrekcehC gnitaolF s'drocsiD

    @Tumbleweed - the first wave of ponies I bought were found by my two- and four-year-old nephews and barely survived. Not only are the toys going strong amongst little girls, the next generation of bronies is also growing up :). Is this time for a Welcome to the Herd macro? :). Seriously, I've...
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    [Silly] Clickbait in D&D Land

    Ladders and How To Break Them: Cornering the Ten-Foot Pole Market ;) From our campaign: Ten Signs That There's A Hydra in That Swamp - Fishing With Explosives for Fun and Profit Minotaurs, and the Women Who Put Up With Them Banging My Head Against a Stone Ceiling - Fistandantilus'...
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    Should each PC have their own story/subplot?

    Just as a data point our games tend to start with blank slate characters and build up in-game exploits into either fun tavern tales ('you know that time when Mimi ended up with an axe in her skull and ended up able to cast Magic Missile?') or motivation ('the elf princess is looking at you, roll...
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    What are the absolute worst examples of racism or sexism you've seen in published RPG books?

    I think it was what they got up to that causes some problems. Some people read it as sexualised, others may read it as nudism, which doesn't always have a sexual overtone, but it is all the girls getting naked and doing stuff interpreted as sexual.
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