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    The waiting game (games preordered and backed on Kickstarter)

    Tiny Epic Mechs showed up yesterday. Set it up tonight but did not get to play it yet since my girls wanted to do summer activities so but it reads well and the component quality is great like always. Sadly though my box was damaged during shipping since it was shipped in a sort of padded...
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    The waiting game (games preordered and backed on Kickstarter)

    My copy of Tiny Epic Mechs is shipping. Gamelyn games once again delievering early and setting the example that proper planning can result in campaigns not having massive delays.
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    IMPERIAL ASSAULT: Which version do you like?

    I use the app for playing solo only which it does just fine at that aspect. It is wonky at times though.
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    The waiting game (games preordered and backed on Kickstarter)

    Thunder stone came in today and the boxes are stupidly large. Unless you sleeve everything you will have lots of extra space. It is nice since I sleeve but still. Backed the el dorado kickstarter for the new expansion and storage box. This will probably be my only kickstarter for the year. Sort...
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    Adeptus Titanicus Discussion Thread

    I am running a reaver list. Two with fists and gatlings for sheild stripping, two with volcanos and one with melta cannons to guard the back end.
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    Adeptus Titanicus Discussion Thread

    Solaria is pretty fun. You have to be willing to potentially lose a titan as bait to draw out your opponents warlords though. This is probably my favorite loyalist legion.
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    [+][Warhammer] Age of Sigmar general discussion.

    These new terrain kits are some of the best GW has ever put out. I am going to need to get a new storage system to fit them all.
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    [Legend of the Five Rings LCG Thread]

    I hit that point as well. I could get more games in when AEG was the publisher even though the game is light years better with FFG producing it. My normal opponent moved and everyone else who plays is super inconsistent outside of events and driving an hour to another store and them not being...
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    The waiting game (games preordered and backed on Kickstarter)

    Got my shipping notice for Thunderstone. Apparently it shipped before the label was created not sure how that happens but hey it should be here soon.
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    [40k Game Megathread] - Do not post in support of the Emperor of Man

    I miss the old necrons who just wanted to sleep on their tomb worlds and got angry at being woken up by random colonists and mechanium explorator fleets that came looting. No back story just a bunch of sleepy kill bots.
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    Hellboy Kickstarter (+)

    It does a really good job of making it feel like you are playing legitimate stories from the comics. Out of all my kickstarters this so far has been the one I am most happy with backing
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    Your last game played, part 2

    Tiny Epic Quest solo. Stomped the game and remembered that while fun by the time you get to anything interesting item wise the game is over it does make it a good quick game but slightly disappointing.
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    New Edition of Bushido

    Always wanted to play it but lack of players and snce I support a couple of other games it fell off the radar.
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    Ever use your local area as the setting of a wargame?

    Tabletop no. Full blown airsoft wargames yes.
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    Your last game played, part 2

    Black Orchestra despite four valiant attempts hitler made it to the end of the war.
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