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  • Danny_K,

    I'm new but I have been lurking your game and was hoping that you would place me on a "waiting list"
    I re-read both threads recently. A quick state of play would be nice.
    I think the Nachthaus is still mysterious, Silentio is at large, William's testament is missing and the Lector is probably getting annoyed.
    Do you think Johann needs better motivations, or is he fine as the ambitious, worried bourgeois?
    Excellent! It'll be great to have Johann back; he was a critical part of the group dynamic. I'll send you the details of his downtime tomorrow. Do you need an update on what's happened in-game while you've been gone?
    I've been all right; I moved to Oxford and I've been doing postgrad work here for the past while.

    Are you interested in having Johann rejoin Easy Money? I understand if you're not, but if you are, I've accounted for his absence. He's been doing a spot of undercover espionage for his bowyer boss. I'll shoot you the details in a PM if you're interested. It'd be great to have Johann back with the group.
    Hi, P.G.! I just got back to RPG.Net after a lengthy period of gamelessness. My apologies for being so damn flakey, I had fun reading up on the Easy Money thread. I admire your stamina.

    How are you doing?
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