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    Planning to start a game of Masks - what pitfalls to watch out for?

    My group's current game just fell off owing to GM burnout, and I've offered to run Masks for a bit. The group's knowledge of supers ranges from 'Enjoys the Marvel movies' to 'Seriously dedicated comics nerds', with about half being used to crunchy system and the other half used to lighter...
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    [Band of Blades] Random Mission Generator

    So, in Band of Blades, each 'Campaign' cycle, the Commander is supposed to be given between two and three randomly generated missions, of which they will select one as the primary (that the players run through) and one as the secondary (resolved off-screen by a single die roll). Actually going...
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    [Band of Blades] New Heritage: The Legion-Born

    Legion-Born Bastards, mongrels, and half-breeds; orphans adopted by refugee families that attach themselves to the Legion, or the byproducts of Legionaires and camp followers, or soldiers who find love after taking their oaths; the Legion-born are children who grew up with the Legion rather...
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    Band of Blades - After Skydagger?

    There are several references in Band of Blades to future campaigns, after reaching and securing Skydagger Keep. Has there been any word on what those campaigns will look like, and/or how the command roles would change?
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    D&D-esque fantasy books with illusionist protagonists?

    All the best illusionists do ;)
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    D&D-esque fantasy books with illusionist protagonists?

    Oh lawd. Autocorrect strikes again. I did indeed mean The Great Skeeve :)
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    D&D-esque fantasy books with illusionist protagonists?

    Sleeve, from Robert Asprin's Myth series, gets by mostly on illusions. They're more on the comic fantasy side of the genre tho.
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    What's the most magical superhero city in North America that's not New York or New Orleans?

    For a more mid-sized city, I'd put forward Savannah, GA- drenched in southern gothic, and regularly listed as one of the most haunted cities in the nation.
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    Books that grabbed you by the heartstrings

    The Traitor Baru Cormarant I was a wreck for a day after finishing.
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    Aberrant 2nd Edition (Comic / Kickstarter is Successful)

    So, having read a bit further- the Crafting rules have guidelines for how to transition stuff from Q-Tech to Nova-Tech to Core-Tech. So, Eufiber probably *started* as a Nova-Tech, but can now be reproduced through baseline production faculties. (In my head canon, at least, Anibal naturally...
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    Aberrant 2nd Edition (Comic / Kickstarter is Successful)

    Interestingly, Eufiber no longer appears to be something Anibal directly creates, but rather a super fancy but otherwise mundane material he invented.
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    Belated Realisations part 2: I Can't Believe It Took Me A Second Thread!

    Sort of? Monkey gets tricked by the Jade Warlord, turning him to stone until someone brings him his magic staff. And the Jade Warlord is, like, bad and stuff. So a drunken master and Shaolin monk must escort Our Hero With The Stick to the fortress of the Warlord to free Monkey.
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    Belated Realisations part 2: I Can't Believe It Took Me A Second Thread!

    Watching Forbidden Kingdom in the background, and happen to catch the name of Random White Boy Sent Back to Save Monkey And Also Kung Fu And Ancient China or whatever. Jason Tripitikas. Tripikitas. Tripitaka. Goddamnit. It's just Journey to the West *again*
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    [LTTP] Steven Universe

    I'd call her polyfidelous, which is akin to a traditional monogamous relationship (long lasting, same partner(s) for extended period), with the modification of being open for expansion in case of the correct newcomer (and of someone leaving if they find they're no longer fitting well). But...
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    Biggest Supposed Discontinuities in Sci-Fi Franchises (no defenses!)

    In Galaxy Quest, the Thermians had no concept of deception. Thus, when they rebuilt their society on the bedrock of the Galaxy Quest 'historical documentary' series, they did so as literally and as faithfully as possible. But... I mean, does that mean not a single episode of Galaxy Quest had...
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