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  • Hey, D? The Spirit of Creation thread already got locked. I mentioned that in the OOC thread.
    And here is part two.

    QUALITIES (5 pts)
    Magician - 15 pts
    Allergy: Cold Iron - Moderate +10 pts
    Gremlins +5 pts
    Mentor Spirit: Dark King - 5 pts

    Mr. Ripley (Fixer) Conn. 2, Loyalty 2

    GEAR (1 pt)
    Lined Coat & Tails Fetishes for all spells
    Skull-headed Cane CMT Clip Commlink wi. Vector Xim O/S
    Machete (Sword) Remington 990 shotgun wi. 20 flechette rounds
    Glasses with flare compensation
    Top Hat Flask of Rum
    1 month low lifestyle

    Acid Stream Chaotic World
    Mind Probe Improved Invisibility
    Heal Control Actions
    Increase Reflexes Shapechange

    Fetishes give +2 to all drain resistance tests, but must be on person whenever I wish to cast spells.

    Dark King lessens all physical damage resistance rolls by 1 die. Gives +2 for perception and assensing tests, +2 dice for spirits of man.

    Voodoo magician... Summons possessor spirits, can call upon the following spirits:
    Guardian, Water, Man, Guidance, and Task
    Hello, Darkeus! Here is part 1 of my character sheet for my SR4 Voodoo troll mage.


    Metatype: Troll (40 pts)
    Age: 28
    Sex: Male Physical Damage boxes: 11
    Lifestyle: Stun Damage boxes: 10
    Nuyen: 400

    ATTRIBUTES (200 pts)
    Body 6 Charisma 3 Edge 2
    Agility 3 Intuition 4 Essence 6
    Reaction 3 Logic 3 Initiative 8
    Strength 5 Willpower 4 Magic 5

    ACTIVE SKILLS (116 pts)
    Close Combat Group 1 Intimidation 1
    Sorcery Group 4 Perception 2
    Infiltration 1 Binding 2
    Longarms 1 (Spec: Shotguns) Summoning 5
    Dodge 1 Assensing 2
    Etiquette 1

    English: N New Orleans Geography: 3
    French: 3 Nearby Cemetaries: 3
    Latin: 2 Spirit Recognition: 3
    Voodoo Rites and Mythos: 4 Mafia Politics: 3
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