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  • And what is the currency of your setting like? In Athas they use ceramic pieces as the gold piece equivalent but what is the equivalent in your anti-Athas setting?

    In Dark Sun, healing fruits take the place of potions due to water scarcity. In your setting, is something like potions used or would something else be used in their place due to the differences in your setting versus a more normal D&D setting like Greyhawk to use an example?
    Been reading up on your Sahta and I'm wondering, what are weapons, armor, and equipment like in your setting considering how hostile nature is for its inhabitants? I understand it's also a sort of metal-poor setting, though in this case it seems more due to it being difficult to extract metal than because the planet is necessarily metal-poor.

    How different is equipment in general in your setting compared to the standard 5e equipment list? Would some of the stuff be the same but use different materials? Would something like a firestarter kit be different from the standard flint-and-steel used in most D&D settings? I ask this because I noticed in Dark Sun that they use a bow drill for their firestarting kit.
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