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    Alternatives for the Traditional Models of Initiative and Turns in Combat

    I came up wiith something a LONG time ago that is something like 'turnless' and 'fluid': http://davidartman.com/games/system/ebb-and-flow-combat-system Skip down to the Overview heading, unless you are curious about the initial thinking that lead to the more-complex system (i.e., it's from a...
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    Sell me on one of these Starter Boxes...

    Are you interested in any other licensed properties than those? If so, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Mouse Guard 2E Boxed Set as both beautiful and useful. One must like playing anthropomorphic mice (or drift the basic concept A LOT), but the system is marvelous, and you'd be supporting an...
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    Your examples of games that were broken by players (without actually breaking the games' rules)

    I don't think he thought it through that far, but good points (And also the one about charging premiums for the opportunity, @celebrityomnipath! Plus, how many dragons fly at 300mpg+?!). I think it was more "stop messing with my bling" irritation than any 'practical' objection. Darned 20-point...
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    Your examples of games that were broken by players (without actually breaking the games' rules)

    GM said he wanted a "semi-co-GM" character from me, to help make a Champions game a bit wilder and different for a jaded group. IDEA: 1D6 Penetrating Transform, Always On, 0 END; coupled with a Psych Lim: "Thinks he's living in a medieval fantasy world". RESULT: Major deprotagonization of all...
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    Tell me about interesting health/hit point systems

    For more-traditional systems I always thought that Hero System's Stun v Body (and PD v ED) was pretty slick.
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    Tell me about interesting health/hit point systems

    Re: Who would've thought that such a friendly looking game could be so violent I'm fond of the system for "Player Priority" game types in GLASS (riffed off a system by Walt Freitag). In short: * When one is at 0 Health, one becomes Unconscious. * A player whose character is Unconscious may...
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    It's My Birthday! Give me C-List Supers, Please!

    Great minds think alike; my backstory for a Aberrant character: http://davidartman.com/writing/fiction/the-unseen-eye
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    [Salon Larps] Where / How do ya'll find venue space?

    I enjoyed playing in a long-running VTM LARP in a Barnes and Noble. Makes The Masquerade relevant! :)
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    System suggestions for a James-Bond-type spy adventure???

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    Face doesn't lead the A-Team

    I just thought Face was a gender-flipped spin on the "sexy infiltrator" trope so common in caper stories. Until recent decades, no one would make the "sexy infiltrator" the leader (sexism being what it was). So we got a bit of a pickle, in terms of (Campbellian) Archetypes being conflated with...
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    What is the single most impressive RPG product ever released?

    I have to second this one. Consider: I'm unwilling to use the character sheets that came with the game because they're so nice and would eventually be used up! :) (I'd laminate and use wet-erase, actually.) And a buddy of mine bought a BOX of the vision card booster packs just because of the...
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    Is there a universal RPG that can truly handle any type of game?

    What about Universalis? You essentially make up the rules as you play, within the basic 'control economy' of tokens to declare facts. Hmmm... though you'd have to do a LOT of Rule Tweaks to get it playing like D&D or Hero System. And then you're back to Nomic.
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    How would you do American football?

    Don't tell the thousands of Blood Bowl players that! ;) ---- As for how to do "on and off the field", I'd look at 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars for how to do 'lite' tactical play with special roles on-field and 'lite' off-field rules for character development. If you want even less granular...
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    [necro]Top 3 "must-play" games for designers ?

    Re: Top 3 "must-play" games for designers ? Crap! How did I forget Universalis? :O
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