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    Not Here to Play Games: Struggling with Enjoying the "Game" Part of TTRPGs

    Have you looked into Burning Wheel? It's a crunchy game, so it's possible that there may still be too much 'game' for you. But, in my experience, the rules do a much better job of driving the kind of emergent story telling you enjoy than stuff like D&D or WoD does and with much less GM heavy...
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    Play to find what changes?

    In Burning Wheel, each character has three Beliefs, which kind of act as a combination of philosophical beliefs, relationships, and long- or short-term goals. At the end of each session, you can earn different metacurrencies for both working towards or completing your Beliefs. AND...you can...
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    [Fantasy] How to Stage a "Red Wedding"-Type Encounter?

    Have you ever considered just telling your players what you want to do and see how they feel about it? A lot of people have rightly pointed out that many players would come out of this encounter unwilling to extend their trust to future NPCs. If that's something you would rather avoid, the...
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    [Sentinel Comics RPG] Miss(ing) Information

    For Akahs'bhuta, the best reference I know, if you're willing to go away from comics, is Te Fiti / Te Ka, from Moana.
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    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    My current preferred flavour of sci-fi is pretty Guardians-esque, and Bulldogs! hits that more closely than anything else I can think of. So that's what I'd go with at the moment. Edit: Unless I just want to play a straight up Guardians game. Then I'd go with Marvel Heroic.
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    Let's explore all the Middle-Earth games

    I haven't played Torchbearer, so salt to taste, but I do know that it's about resource management in a dungeon crawl. So my guess would be that it isn't Tolkien flavoured at all. Likewise, I never really found Mouseguard to be all that Tolkien inspired either. If I wanted to play hobbits...
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    Social mechanics - when did they become good ?

    Burning Wheel does. Duel of Wits always has the possibility of ending poorly for a player. NPC's can win a DoW just as easily (or in the case of my current game, WAY more easily) as a player can and when that happens, the player is just as bound to the result as the NPC would have been. And...
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    Exalted hacks & heartbreakers?

    For what it’s worth, I had bounced hard off of Godbound for this exact same reason. I’m not a D&D guy, and the OSR, in general, has very little appeal for me. But once I actually tried it, I found that most of my D&D-based objections were largely mitigated and the actual Godbound stuff...
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    The Burning Wheel: Gold Edition Revised

    There's also a big thing at the beginning of the Traits chapter about creating new Traits. But, yeah, that and Grief are the only changes that are noticeable without doing a side-by-side comparison.
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     [Poll] Your Favorite RPG Genre

    I voted for Modern, but I kind of just want every game I play to be “the Wire + X”. Can Wire be a genre? = p
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    Why no English Steven Universe or Adventure Time RPGs?

    This isn’t how licenses work. Nosolrol has the Spanish language license and only the Spanish language license. If someone wanted to make a English SU game (or one for any other language), they’d have to have a separate licensing agreement, which would certainly be much more expensive than...
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    Player questions for a session zero (input on setting)

    I consider these to be important session 0 questions regardless, but I think they’re even more important in a setting where the players have a lot of input. 1) why do your characters care about exploring the ocean (or interacting with the games premise)? 2) why do your characters care about...
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    [Meta] Let’s talk about CharGen

    I'll add another vote for PbtA style playbooks as the best, with a different reason (although I agree with the other stated reasons as well). It's a single, double-sided piece of paper that and between that and a 2nd double-sided piece of paper, you'll have 90% or more of everything you'll ever...
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    [PBtA] Hearing the phrase "The best thing to do is avoid rolling dice"

    I guess I just don't understand how it's a perverse incentive. Like I said a moment ago, if you want to Seize By Force, that's cool. I will work with you so that you can do that. But you actually have to make the move fictionally as well as mechanically.
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    [PBtA] Hearing the phrase "The best thing to do is avoid rolling dice"

    I have no problem with people wanting to make moves with their high stats. Tell me that and I'll help you do it. What I consider to be bad faith is lying to me about what you want in order to do it.
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