• Hello Desert_Ranger,

    I noticed you are running Conan D20. I am looking to start a Conan D20 in the Waltham-Boston area with two of my friends. I have been playing D&D which is OK, but what really what got me back into gaming was Conan. I am a huge fan of Robert E. Howard stories and Conan comics. I have not been able to meet many people who interested in Conan gaming with a knowledge and interest in the Hyborian Age.

    How long have you been running Conan D20? Have you been enjoying it? How many people are in your group? I've spent over $100 on Mongoose Conan RPG books and I know I'll put them to good use sometime. Send me an email if yow want to chat about Conan RPG, get together for gaming or know some people who might be interested.



    Zac Linke
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