Aug 20, 1982 (Age: 36)
Edgewater, Chicago, IL
AMA Physician Data Collection
Favorite RPG
Exalted 2e


I have a blog! I post about TTRPGs, video games, theatre, autumn leaves, dreams, and eating chocolate.
Running: Warlords of the Mushroom Kingdom (NES-inspired Sword and Sorcery using Exalted 2e mortals), Actual Play here! Playing: 7th Sea 2e. Finished: nWoD dark fantasy: Flight of the Phoenix (AP here), WFRP 2nd ed.

We've Read: The Complete Book of Elves and Drow of the Underdark! Let's Read: Elves of Evermeet!
I write RPG reviews on Goodreads!
Get my Only War/WFRP mashup here, or get my ORE Fallout expanded from Bipolar Bear's base here!


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