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    [Sorcerers & Spell Casters or Magic in RPGs ] Which do you prefer: Standardized Spell Lists or Free-Form Magic?

    I don't necessarily mind generalist wizards, but in that case I like magic to be mostly ritual-based so there's still some kind of limitation. Instead of "I'm a pyromancer, I can't heal you" it's "It isn't the dark of the moon, we can't walk the Hidden Roads and cross the continent in an...
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    [Sorcerers & Spell Casters or Magic in RPGs ] Which do you prefer: Standardized Spell Lists or Free-Form Magic?

    I prefer spell lists, but multiple ones limited to certain caster types, like the Winds of Magic in Warhammer. So if the PCs meet a wizard who starts throwing fireballs around, they can be reasonably sure she's a pyromancer and her magic is going to involve setting things on fire, maybe speeding...
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    Too many books to read. What are you reading now and what's next on your list?

    I just finished reading The Legend of Zelda: Reclaim the Wild not too long ago (and now I really want to run it) and a friend loaned me Blades in the Dark yesterday with a heavy suggestion that if I liked it I could run a game (hint hint), so we'll see how I enjoy that.
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    Non-Generic Games you Re-purpose Frequently

    Sure! It's a bit of a mess, since a lot of it was in my head, but you can get the pdf here. There's even a page in there explaining my house rules. It's got the species, countries, monetary system, magic systems, martial arts, monsters, etc. I think the only thing that's missing are the...
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    Non-Generic Games you Re-purpose Frequently

    I use (slightly modded) Exalted 2.5e to run a lot of sword and sorcery or low fantasy kind of games, where people exploding when hit too hard or dying of dysentery is a plus rather than an unfortunate side effect of the system. I'm currently most of the way through a Dark Sun conversion, and ran...
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    [Anime news] 34 dead after arson at Kyoto Studios

    This is the worst massacre in post-war Japanese history. Even the sarin attacks only ("only") killed thirteen people. :cry:
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    Reclaim the Wild - a Zelda Tabletop system

    Oh, this looks amazing! I found the old D20 Zelda game a while ago, but it never really grabbed me. And with this being inspired by Breath of the Wild, probably my favorite game of the last decade... I've only skimmed it so far, but I really like what I see.
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    Tad Williams' Osten Ard as a Campaign Setting?

    We will have it back, man-child. We will have it all back. This seems like a good solution to me. A simple system with common low-power magic that's easily recast as divine blessings, good luck, and so on, but with higher power magic for the Norns and other more explicitly supernatural enemies.
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    💀 Necro Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset!

    This thread was enough to get me in on the PDF for both the Dungeon Fantasy RPG kickstarter and Citadel of Nordvorn (+Grappling). Really looking forward to reading them when I get them and finally understanding GURPS after I bought GURPS Myth a decade and a half ago solely based on the Myth: the...
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     Odd Things You Like in RPGs that Others Think are Odd?

    This is probably my favorite kind of fantasy. The robot and orbital fortress in Final Fantasy 1 are some of the most memorable parts of that game and influenced how I look at fantasy settings afterwards. And one of the settings I tinker with has greys as dwarves. They're short, they live...
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     Odd Things You Like in RPGs that Others Think are Odd?

    Slow healing and more punitive disease rules. I like them because they enforce downtime--if a PC needs two months to heal from a particularly terrible battle, as happened in the last game I ran, it gives everyone an excuse to find trainers for those new powers they want, learn languages, and...
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    [Exalted] Any Solar Exalted fans still around?

    They're my second-favorite, but they started out as my favorite and it was saturation (I ran a five-year-long Solar game) that pushed them back behind Dragon-Blooded, not any problems with their thematics or design. I'd still love to play in a Solar game even if I'll probably not run one again.
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    Which games are fast to play but crunchy enough to maintain your interest?

    Exalted 2.5e, but at the mortals or god-blooded level. The basic roll-d10s-and-count-successes mechanics are easy for everyone to remember, and when everyone has a few neat tricks they can do rather than dozens of Charms, the level of GM overhead is much, much smaller. It has that gritty...
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    [Heroes of Terra for Savage Worlds] Kickstarter Live (Funded, Now For Setting Discussion)

    You mention the spirit world, so that makes me wonder how animistic Heroes of Terra is. Are there spirits out in the wild places, or are they hanging out in the Warp and can only rarely cross over? Are they all something you'd never want to meet because they're from the Dark World? Oh, what's...
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    [Heroes of Terra for Savage Worlds] Kickstarter Live (Funded, Now For Setting Discussion)

    Oh hey, someone else who got inspired by that old thread and made a setting out of it! :giggle: Terra as described in the kickstarter pitch seems to draw mostly from SMB/SMB3, so I'm curious how much is drawn from SMB2 and adjacent games like Donkey Kong. Is there a society of barrel-obsessed...
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