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    💀 Necro Wow: a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset!

    This thread was enough to get me in on the PDF for both the Dungeon Fantasy RPG kickstarter and Citadel of Nordvorn (+Grappling). Really looking forward to reading them when I get them and finally understanding GURPS after I bought GURPS Myth a decade and a half ago solely based on the Myth: the...
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     Odd Things You Like in RPGs that Others Think are Odd?

    This is probably my favorite kind of fantasy. The robot and orbital fortress in Final Fantasy 1 are some of the most memorable parts of that game and influenced how I look at fantasy settings afterwards. And one of the settings I tinker with has greys as dwarves. They're short, they live...
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     Odd Things You Like in RPGs that Others Think are Odd?

    Slow healing and more punitive disease rules. I like them because they enforce downtime--if a PC needs two months to heal from a particularly terrible battle, as happened in the last game I ran, it gives everyone an excuse to find trainers for those new powers they want, learn languages, and...
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    [Exalted] Any Solar Exalted fans still around?

    They're my second-favorite, but they started out as my favorite and it was saturation (I ran a five-year-long Solar game) that pushed them back behind Dragon-Blooded, not any problems with their thematics or design. I'd still love to play in a Solar game even if I'll probably not run one again.
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    Which games are fast to play but crunchy enough to maintain your interest?

    Exalted 2.5e, but at the mortals or god-blooded level. The basic roll-d10s-and-count-successes mechanics are easy for everyone to remember, and when everyone has a few neat tricks they can do rather than dozens of Charms, the level of GM overhead is much, much smaller. It has that gritty...
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    [Heroes of Terra for Savage Worlds] Kickstarter Live (Funded, Now For Setting Discussion)

    You mention the spirit world, so that makes me wonder how animistic Heroes of Terra is. Are there spirits out in the wild places, or are they hanging out in the Warp and can only rarely cross over? Are they all something you'd never want to meet because they're from the Dark World? Oh, what's...
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    [Heroes of Terra for Savage Worlds] Kickstarter Live (Funded, Now For Setting Discussion)

    Oh hey, someone else who got inspired by that old thread and made a setting out of it! :giggle: Terra as described in the kickstarter pitch seems to draw mostly from SMB/SMB3, so I'm curious how much is drawn from SMB2 and adjacent games like Donkey Kong. Is there a society of barrel-obsessed...
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    Shamus Young Mass Effect Retrospective

    What I thought ME2 should have been after playing through the entire trilogy (disliking much of ME2 and almost all of ME3--I vehemently disagree with the opinion that it's only the ending that's the problem) is the plot of the Leviathan DLC, expanded out into a game. Keep the same premise. The...
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    💀 Necro What is your favorite quote in an RPG book?

    From the intro to Exalted 1e: "Before the world was bent but after the Great Contagion, there was a civilization built in the image of the First Age. It sought to emulate the splendor of the bygone Golden Age, but it was in all ways less. It was a time of sorcery and heroism, of fabulous...
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    🎨 Creative Thing to make sure to have in a dark/ low fantasy game

    Poverty. Most people are barely getting by. The common people are not well-fed, they're one bad harvest from starving. The aristocracy have plenty of money but there's no way they're sharing it. The cities are full of people who ran away from the countryside hoping for a better life and an end...
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    Super Mario World is the best video game ever. Fight me.

    I'm also on the SMB3 side, but for me it comes down to level design. I prefer the more-and-shorter levels in SMB3 to the longer levels in SMW, even if SMW kind of has shorter levels if you treat each exit as a separate level, the way stars work in Mario64. In terms of best SNES game, it's...
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    Exalted vs the WoD (a fanbook)

    As soon as I saw this, I thought of all the Exalted sci fi ideas I've had--Exalted Mass Effect (🔆 Mass 🔆 Exalt 🔆), Exalted near-future sci fi, Exalted space opera but on a much smaller scale than Shards of the Exalted Dream--and thought, "You know, WoD 20th rules would probably be better for...
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    White Wolf to no longer develop books internally, Camarilla Book to be edited.

    Wow, that's a lot more than I expected. I hope this ends up with a better product going forward.
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    Zelda-esque homebrew thread

    Re: The Legend of Zelda... with Mouse Guard! (Plus, a request for inspiration.) I love the emoji over the heart track--can you talk a bit about what "drawing on emotional states" means and how it plays out? Also, that lego terrain is great.
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    Games where you level out of the fun part

    I huge part of the reason I prefer games with mods is to try to extend the fun part as long as possible. In Fallout 3 I eventually became a power-armored demigod with a gauss rifle and an orbital nuke cannon who lived in a conquered alien starship, but before that I had like 35 hours of...
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