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  • My Weekends have been full of homework, funny thing is the homework is usually for one class. The other classes assign reading which I can get down in 2 hours per book. I did a video for one class. Hey check out my Youtube account, I am the skinny guy and the big guy was my roommate back in Medicine Hat.
    This is the kind of person I am, most of the time, I love being funny.
    Sorry I haven't replied yet. I tend to work all weekend so meeting up Saturday was fairly unlikely. It's why most of my gaming is during the week as I never have time to do much else between Thursday and Sunday. I'd invite you up to the games club at UBC-O but it sounds like you are in much the same situation on Monday to Wednesday and the group only meets between those times right now.
    Ok well since it sounds like we are not in the same WFRP game. We should meet so that we can discuss Heavy Gear stuff. You know the usual, I show off my army, your jaw drops (lolz). John eventually makes his way out here and signs your stuff.

    I may or may not be doing a WFRP game this Saturday so if it fails want to meet?
    Dammit I have school Monday-Wednesday. I hope this WFRP game works for me or I need to find a new group that plays weekends.
    Hmm, yeah that's where he lives at least. But he's not running the game I'm in. The one I'm in is up at the college on Mondays and it's run by Dustin.
    Saturday eh? Hmm, maybe this is just a coincidence then because our regular games are on Monday or Wednesday. Though incidentally ours was cancelled this week as well. Well unless the meet day was changed again. Who runs your games?
    I am good friends with John Buckmaster, one of the awesome doods from Heavy Gear. He told me to tell you, "...if he wants any of his books autographed, I'll do it when we visit or you come out or whatever..." So when I join you guys in your game for WFRP we can discuss Heavy Gear options.
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