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    Looking for a tabletop system to suit a Geneforge adaptation.

    Cortex. Possible some variation of Heroic; treating the shaped as the various powers the Shapers have. Would turn them into the literal extension of the Shapers.
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    (Star Trek Adventures) Advice for games with NPC Captains

    Captain was Wrong for all the Right Reasons. You have to make decision with limited data, and based on the data available, they were going to make a decision by following the book of what those pieces of data said. No one ever got fired for doing the safe thing. But the XO, the XO saw...
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    Games where GM Has a Complication Currency

    Coriolis does something different - players have infinite points, because they only generate GM points; versus something that is player limited. And I love the mechanic because it feels right to me to let the players author their own demise.
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    I've lost my mojo...

    Yup. I had to leave a group that of the 7 (6 + GM) of us, I loved gaming with 5 of the other player. But the 6th? I love him as a friend, but as a gamer he made two-three campaigns so little fun, I finally left. I went and did other things, and after a while, started running my own game again.
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    🎨 Creative A realistic science fiction future without guns

    John Ringo, for all his faults, references this in his version of the "SCA shall inherit the earth," Council Wars - where there's an overwatching AI system that prevents guns but not allowing pressure to build up before a certain level. Some steam power is okay, but not too much, and anything...
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    New Legend of the Five Rings

    Well yes, but there’s a matter of detecting it and a matter of proving it in a courtly manner.
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    New Legend of the Five Rings

    Having played the beginner box, I’ve fallen in love with the dice, being as they are disposed towards success with a cost, and doesn’t involve a lot of adding and subtracting. Yes not hugely pertinent to the convos but I want to exclaim my enjoyment somewhere people would understand.
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    Jenna Moran's upcoming new game, Glitch

    You Sir, seem like a perfect candidate for a Jennifer Moran game.
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    Humans as Social Glue?

    I may be writing up Humans in my Sci-Fi game as pack bonding space orks. (When I was thinking of Cortex Prime as my core, one of their things was to form permanent relationships with people, places, and things extremely easily)
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    How much player collusion?

    I do both. My players will actively work for the dramatic events at the table; but they do like be surprised, and generally will write the surprises into their own narratives for things to come out of left field. But as Soylent Green noted - Roleplaying is messy, it is improv, generally with a...
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    Aberrant 2nd Edition (Comic / Kickstarter is Successful)

    That was actually the most telling thing for me to. Perhaps I just read too much science fiction, but the line is no longer that "we're killing the planet" it is that "we're killing our ability to live on the planet," and that the planet will continue on just fine when we can no longer survive...
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    [GM-ing] Game choosing analysis paralysis - how do you deal with it?

    I’m wrestling with this myself, as I’m looking at ending a 2.5 year game of 7th Sea, 2nd edition, and I’m kinda done playing in that sandbox for a while. I want to run something at least modern, preferably sci fi. I want blasters, shields, and aliens. My preference is a game that supports space...
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    Are there any games where players have effectively unlimited meta-currency?

    Coriolis flips this on its head. The players have unlimited usages of their mystic powers, special abilities, etc. But the GM gets the DP to screw with them later. It might be 1 point to just give the NPCs some minor ability, or to declare that a gun is empty and needs a reload, up to 3 points...
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    What’s Your Ideal Sci-Fi RPG

    I keep looking for what I want to run. Something in the vein of Mass Effect - wormholes/gates so that you get spacelanes, shields and such, multiple species and weirdness that happens with that. Something where both the gear and the person’s beliefs matter. Thus me toying around with Cortex...
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    The Expanse RPG - anyone played it yet?

    From the quick start it doesn’t look like the system is super tied to the setting (which as much as I love the setting), but I’ve been looking for something to run a Space Jocks game; and I see that it calls out starship combat.
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