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  • Hi, E-Rocker!

    I was browsing the TT Open forums just now, and saw a post of yours mentioning you're a Savage Worlds Player/GM, as well as trying to set up a group at your local library...and I noticed your profile mentions Chicago.

    Can I inquire where in the Chicagoland area you are? I'm a long-time gamer who is new to Savage Worlds (but very familiar with the similar Deadlands Classic system) who is looking to meet other local gamers who share my interests.

    By the way, my name is Brian, and I live in Buffalo Grove. Nice to meet you!

    Hi Brian, nice to meet you! My real name is Eric. I am located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood. The library group I'm trying to get off the ground is at the Sulzer Regional Library. We actually have a game scheduled for tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 11/28, 5:30 pm- 8:30 pm), but so far, no one has signed up :( . I think I need to work on advertising it better. Sorry I didn't see your message until today! Always nice to meet more players.
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